Our family was given a free box of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper in exchange for this honest review of their product. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long you may have already stumbled across this post where I share my best tips for creating a zero-waste bathroom in your home. I feel a greater sense of environmental responsibility the older I get, and that’s why when Who Gives A Crap contacted me to collaborate on a review of their toilet roll I literally jumped up and down at the chance, y’all!

Our family tried Who Gives A Crap toilet paper.... and here's the truth! The product is sustainable, 100% recycled, zero-waste, a bamboo product, and they donate to charity. BUT- is it actually good toilet paper? #WGAC #toiletpaper #bulktoiletpaper #zerowaste #bamboo #sustainable

Toilet Roll for the Greater Good

I’ve had my eye on Who Gives A Crap toilet paper ever since I wrote that aforementioned post about zero-waste bathroom ideas, but they previously only shipped in Australia until recently! I saw the brand mentioned again and again in Minimalist forums I’m a member of online so while researching zero-waste bathroom suggestions I finally took the time to look into this toilet paper manufacturer and what exactly makes it so special.

Who Gives A Crap (don’t you giggle each time you read that name?) is an uber eco-friendly toilet paper manufacturer that uses eco-friendly materials, recycled paper or bamboo, to manufacturer their toilet roll- making it sustainable, y’all. They even use eco-friendly packaging, by my standards. The box was cardboard, the rolls were wrapped in adorable sheets of printed paper to keep each roll sanitary, and there were no fillers inside or added plastic anywhere. The only plastic involved was one big line of tape to seal the box shut.

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper, the best sustainable, eco-friendly, bamboo toilet roll for zero-waste living. | www.MamaBearMartin.com

Elsa approves. 😉

Buy Bulk Toilet Paper Online from Who Gives A Crap | Toilet Roll | www.MamaBearMartin.com

The bright, patterned paper that each roll is wrapped in would make great craft paper for kid’s crafts, or for wrapping small gifts. I love the cheeky (pun intended) sentiments that Who Gives A Crap has very cleverly tucked in every nook and cranny of their product. They mix in phrases like, “You’ve Got A Nice Bum” with fine print that says, “That’s why we don’t put any inks, dyes, or scents in our toilet paper.” They’re lookin’ out for you, and looking out for the world. As someone looking to reduce our chemical use, I really appreciate that their toilet roll is yucky-stuff free.

We All Win

With Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, we all win. The environment wins because the product here is sustainably made from recycled materials or bamboo. You win because it’s free from inks, dyes or scents. You can order 48 rolls online and never have to put on pants. Heck- you could order toilet paper while you’re on the actual toilet and they’ll deliver it to your front door. I got my box in only a few days. And fellow humankind wins because Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of profits to help build toilets in developing countries.

Approximately 2.3 billion people don’t have access to a proper toilet. THAT’S ONE-THIRD OF THE WHOLE WORLD, Y’ALL, SAYING A BIG OL’ THANK YOU TO YOU.

Recycled Paper Products

Toilet Roll in Bulk Online | Sustainable Toilet Paper | Eco-Friendly, Bamboo Products, 100% Recycled Paper Products | www.MamaBearMartin.com

As I mentioned Who Gives A Crap creates their TP out of bamboo, or recycled paper, but even though it’s a recycled product it isn’t skimpy or wimpy. The bamboo tissue is 3-ply toilet roll. It’s tough, yet super soft. We’ve had no issues with fingers breaking through the paper (toddlers are notorious for this, y’all) while still being soft against sensitive areas.

At first inspection I thought, “Oh man, this looks weak,” but I’ve been proven wrong. The toilet paper is very soft like a teddy bear, and super absorbent. I’ve actually had to start using less toilet paper each time I go because it’s being wasted. Once I got to thinking about this mystery realized the connection. When I cloth diapered my kids,bamboo was what the super absorbent, overnight liners were made from! This TP is the same. It wicks water away more quickly just like the bamboo inserts for cloth diapers are designed to do. Makes perfect sense now, right?!

Bulk Buy Toilet Roll Online

I have to say, the best part about this whole adventure in trying Who Gives A Crap’stoilet roll was when I had to pick up the box from the post office. I had it delivered to my PO Box because we were moving, and I can only imagine what the poor postal clerk thought was inside that GIANT box labeled “WHO GIVES A CRAP” and “YOU’VE GOT A NICE BUM!” I was laughing out loud the whole way out the door- which my neighbor held for me as I was walking out, and curiosity got the better of her- “What is it?” she asked. “Toilet paper!” I blurted out. We both had a great laugh. I think she was surprised by what was inside.

Our family tried toilet roll from Who Gives A Crap toilet paper & here's the truth... Sustainable, eco-friendly, zero-waste, 100% recycled, bamboo | www.MamaBearMartin.com

Would I Buy This Again?

Yes. All things considered, I would purchase this toilet paper, and I think you should as well. I love that it’s safe for the environment, safe for my body, septic-safe, and making the world a better place for those in need of sanitary bathroom facilities. I also love anything that doesn’t make me have to leave to house to stockpile what I need. Ahem- hello Wal-Mart grocery pickup. Just add Who Gives A Crap’s toilet paper to that awesome list of things delivered right to your front door.

I love the feel of the paper when I rub it between my fingers. It feels just right. The cheery paper wrappers brighter my day up when I pull one out of our bathroom cabinet. It’s the little things, y’all.


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