Truly- there is not necessarily a “right” and “wrong” way to go about assigning homes to toys in order to establish a working toy organization system. There are, however, some methods that will make life a little less messy and a lot more fun! Not using a toy box is one method that I stick to. Once you have a plan and proper storage vessels in place even your 2-year-old will be able to pick up after herself with success.

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This blogger shares some amazing ideas for decluttering toys, and for how to store toys. How to Declutter Toys | Tips to Declutter Toys | Toy Storage for Small Spaces | Toy Storage Ideas | Organized Playrooms |

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Toy Box Or Nah??

I mentioned that I choose not to use a toy box as our tool for organizing toys. This is my favorite way to store toys. You can read more about the “why” I don’t like to use a toy box here. That post is chock full of toy storage gold nuggets, but if I were to condense that whole post into one simple reason it would be this. A toy box is designed to be dumped.

Where Do I Start?

Start with the easy spots. If you want to get work done fast, and if you don’t want to think twice about what you’re getting rid of then start with these 3 categories of toys:

First set aside any of your child’s most treasured pieces. This is a hard and fast rule.

  1. toys you HATE (Think: noisy, annoying, a million tiny pieces)
  2. broken toys, or toys with too many pieces missing to be usable (Think: I word it this way on purpose- one missing piece does not always render a toy “broken.”)
  3. toys that do too much work for your child (Think: toys that only require your child to press a button)

Toys in any of these 3 categories are fair game for decluttering so long as they don’t fall into the favorites zone for your child.

Do you want tips to declutter toys fast? Read this post that lists step by step how to declutter toys before a deadline! Think: mother-in-law is coming to visit!

Organizing Toys

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The only “rules” you need to keep in mind when organizing toys are:
frequency of use
A toy used daily should not be stored out of reach. This will encourage your little one to climb in order to access their favorite toy. Toys like this should be stored in a place where your child can independently gain access them.
the amount of parts or accessories
If a toy has a billion little pieces that your child is constantly sending out a search expeditions for instead of actually sitting and playing with the toy- let it go.
amount of space the toy will need to both be stored and also when in play
A train set can be tucked away in a small space, but to be played with it needs the entire floor of a room. Choose what works best for your family.
For a more detailed explanation of best practices when assigning  homes to and storing toys, visit this post that explains why my kids have never owned a toy box.

Deciding On Toy Storage That Works

No matter what the size of your toy storage area, you can accomplish your toy organization goals. Toy rotation is one way to give your child access to all of their favorite toys without martyring yourself as the clean up crew. Keys for successful toy rotation are:

  • 50%-75% of toys remain in toy rotation storage until a trade is made.
  • One toy in = one toy out.
  • Store the toy rotation container out of sight and out of mind.
  • If a toy stays inside the container too long without being played with, it can be donated without asking permission from your child.

Read this post to learn more about the way we do toy rotation in our home in order to keep our toys organized, but limited. 

Check back tomorrow for my next post that details the best items to use for toy storage when setting up an organized storage system for your child’s toys.

Do you already have toy storage all figured out? What method of toy storage works best in your home?

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This blogger shares some amazing ideas for decluttering toys, and for how to store toys without a tox box. How to Declutter Toys | Tips to Declutter Toys | Toy Storage for Small Spaces | Toy Storage Ideas | Organized Playrooms |

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