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Tips For Decluttering Before Christmas

Tips for Decluttering Ideas Before Christmas. This blogger shares how to get your home organized in time for the holiday season and also includes Young Living essential oil blends and recipes for the diffuser. |

Top 5 Tips For Decluttering Quick

  1. Clear Your Mind- My mama always told me the most difficult part of doing any hard job is just getting started. She’s right. You have to get your brain centered and focused and a plan of action in place before the motivation will come.
  2. Careful Where You Begin- I’m the type of person who would rather do the most difficult part of any job first and then clean up the smaller, easier tasks last. That’s usually what I recommend my readers do also because that will give you most of your day to focus on the more difficult task. Some of you know yourself well enough to know that you’d prefer to build momentum as the day progresses by accomplishing those “small wins” before you have to tackle the big job at the end of the day. To each her own, just think it through.
  3. Kids Toys- I have been curating my children’s toys for over a year now. One of the biggest struggles slowing us down was for me to come to the realization that love toys. I’m a big kid at heart who still really enjoys the idea of playing with kids’ toys. Once I overcame my desire for the next cool toy, we’ve been able to Minimize more and more.Remember: It’s easier to say, “No,” in the store than it is to remove the item after you’ve already brought it home. 

    When considering toys to declutter, ask yourself, “Does my child even play with this, or does s/he simply not want to part with the item?” It’s important to comb through your children’s toy collections before Christmas. Don’t allow Christmas clutter to trigger your anxiety. Prepare in advance by creating a rotating toy system, or simply clearing out a few before new ones arrive.
  4. The Basket Run- Before slowing down for a more intensive decluttering chore pick up a laundry basket or other large box, set a timer, and go as quickly as you can room by room. Don’t stop to think. Your task is to pick up any items you KNOW you don’t need and toss it into the box. Trash, broken items, or items left untouched for 6 months are what I have in mind here. When your timer beeps it’s time to send the items out of the house. FAST!!
  5. Create a Motivational Atmosphere- Have your hot espresso (or other motivational drink of choice) in hand, set your playlist to repeat, pull out any tools you may need (garbage bags, boxes, etc.), plug in your diffuser with one of these motivating blends, and set to work decluttering, mama!

Decluttering Christmas Tips. MamaBear Martin shares her best tips for how to declutter fast and organize your home. Holiday organization. Clean fast. |

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How do you get your home in order quick before a big event? Comment below & let me know!

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