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This month I had a totally new stylist which was unexpected, but turned out to be a pleasure. I looked at the clothes before I read the card this time and the clothes were a perfect fit so I didn’t even realize it wasn’t her at first!

My previous stylist was really getting to know me and my taste in clothes when I decided it was time that I pressed pause on my subscription. Now I just tell Stitch Fix when I want a Fix instead of getting them shipped automatically each month. I appreciated the auto-ship feature while I was updating and creating my capsule wardrobe, but I have good foundation of clothing now and only need something new on rare occasions.

BUT WAIT! A Special Discount Code for Stitch Fix!!

Stitch Fix Coupon

Before I allow this post to go ANY further, I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t tell you all about the special offer Stitch Fix is running until the end of January 2018. Now until January 2018 Stitch Fix is waiving the styling fee on the very first Fix for my readers! Use my affiliate link to get this limited time special discount-

That means you can try Stitch Fix 100% FREE!!

No shipping charges. No styling fee. You only pay for the items you decide to keep (psst- if you purchase all 5 items you’ll get 25% off bonus discount!). Any items you don’t keep go into the postage paid mailer that comes in your package. No hassle. Just fun & great clothes. This deal is seriously the ONLY way they could make Stitch Fix any better, y’all!! <3

stitch fix discount code

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Red Toms Black Skinny Cigarette Pants Stitch Fix November 2017 Fall Winter |

1. Toms Classic Alpargata Solid Canvas Slip-On Flats

Stitch Fix November 2017 Toms Classic Alpargata Solid Canvas Slip-On Flats from Stitch Fix |

Price- $48

Size- 8.5

I specifically asked for these shoes in the note to my personal stylist for my Stitch Fix November 2017 order. I have wanted bright red Toms for years, but it’s rare that I spend money on myself. I’d rather buy my kids something. Is that just a Mom thing?

I have to say I had my fingers crossed that these would fit and I kinda felt like they wouldn’t, but I tried them on and they sure did! The bottoms of these shoes are SUPER slippery though! Seriously, be careful until you’ve worn them for a day. The first day I wore mine I walked across a gravel lot and they’ve been fine since, but I was slipping all over our laminate hardwood at home!

Verdict- Kept! I seriously love these shoes and I think they’re going to last me a long time. I’m so happy to have them for my capsule wardrobe!

2. JAG Karina Side Slit Tunic

Stitch Fix November 2017 JAG Karina Side Slit Tunic |

Price- $68

Size- XS

I liked this top upon opening the box. I need a couple of longer tunic tops to pair with my leggings collection and I requested that my personal stylist send me some in this November 2017 Stitch Fix box. So I loved the length and I really loved the plaid. Seriously- who doesn’t for this time of year?

The downside to this top is that with it being a button up it puckered and flared open a little bit around the chest area. Maybe I needed to size up, but with the top being an oversized cut it would’ve needed to be tailored to look nice in a larger size.

Verdict- Returned. The price was too much for me AND I literally have an almost identical American Eagle top that I picked up at a yard sale this past summer. That just goes to show that my stylist knows my taste so well! 🙂

3. STS Blue Tayah Skinny Jean

Stitch Fix November 2017 STS Blue Tayah Skinny Jean Fall Winter |

Price- $45

Size- Size 2

LOVED these skinny jeans & the price straight out of the box. I was worried about fit, but impressed when I tried them on and they fit like a glove. I really wanted to keep them, but financially I can only enjoy one item from each of my Stitch Fix boxes- even with a Stitch Fix coupon code.

At first I disliked that these are ankle cut because I’m a fairly tall person and ankle cut pants remind me of those awkward middle school years when I got too tall too fast for my britches. The ankle cut design grew on me the longer I had them on and I would’ve loved to have kept this item, but I really needed to finally snag that pair of red Toms.

Verdict: Returned.

4. Olive & Oak Foray Hooded Knit Top

Stitch Fix November 2017 Olive & Oak Foray Hooded Knit Top Fall Winter |

Price- $54

Size- XS

This top is one that I wouldn’t buy or pick out for myself. The color isn’t part of my capsule wardrobe and I try to adhere to those colors since I know they’re my favorites to wear. However, this top was like butter in my hands, y’all. It was SO comfortable! And once I put it on, the fit was sooo cute. I love V-neck tops! It was even long enough to cover my bum and wear with leggings.

Verdict- Returned. Ultimately I decided to return this item as well. As cute and as soft as it was, it was a looser type of knit that I fear will snag easily with my wild boy and his new puppy around. It would be perfect to pair with leggings though. *sigh*

November 2017 Stitch Fix Fall November Cute Purple Hoodie |

5. En Creme Tarsa Cargo Jacket

Stitch Fix November 2017 En Creme Tarsa Cargo Jacket Fall Winter Outfits Cargo Army Green |

Price- $78

Size- XS

I pinned a few images of jackets like this to my Pinterest board for my personal stylist. I was super excited to see this army green cargo jacket in my Stitch Fix November 2017 box. It is exactly what I was looking for in a jacket. The only downside to this coat is that I prefer my jackets to hit me about 2″ longer on my hips. I get really cold in that area so it’s just personal preference.

Verdict- Returned. As much as I would’ve loved to keep my happy little hands all over this perfect coat, I had to send it back. When I can only keep one item, I have to weigh the pros and cons of each one. This would be a fun now and then item, but it wouldn’t get as much use as those beautiful red Toms!

Stitch Fix November 2017 Fall Winter Outfits Christmas Outfits Gift Idea for Mom Women Men Maternity Plus Size Clothing |

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Stitch Fix Discount

The Grand Total came to $293.

With Stitch Fix’s Buy 5 discount 25%: -$73.25 = $219.75. That’s a pretty sweet discount, y’all!

What would you have kept from my Stitch Fix November 2017 box?

Get Stitch Fix FREE until the end of January 2018 when you use my affiliate link!

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