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It’s already time to share my Stitch Fix April 2017 box with you! I’ve been counting down the days until my Stitch Fix April 2017 box arrived and now it seems like time has flown. If you’ve been considering giving Stitch Fix a try, but weren’t sure how useful it would be to you I think now is great time of year to try it out. With Easter right around the corner, don’t waste your time and effort going out shopping for an Easter dress that will flatter your figure and match your family’s attire. Leave a note for your personal stylist at Stitch Fix telling what color or kind of dress you’d like so you can spend more time on Pinterest planning out the perfect Easter menu instead. Yum!!

Stitch Fix April 2017-MySecondStitch Fix

This post is NOT sponsored by Stitch Fix, but it does contain affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through one of the links I’ve provided then my blog will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog and ensuring there will be more reviews like this one! 🙂

Stitch Fix April 2017: My Second Stitch Fix

What Is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling company that sends you a box of 5 items- tops, jeans, dresses, shoes, jewelry, outerwear, etc. as often as you like (once a month for me since I’m updating my capsule wardrobe) for only a $20 styling fee. The $20 fee goes towards anything you decide to keep from your Fix. You get to try on the items in the comfort of your own home (aka during naptime! Hooray!) and see how everything looks with the items you already own. Stitch Fix has something for everyone- petite, average, long, maternity, men’s and now also carry beautiful plus size clothing.

Once you receive your first Stitch Fix, you have 3 days to decide what you want to keep and if you decide to keep everything you’ll receive a 25% discount (woo-hoo!). Anything that isn’t a perfect fit into your wardrobe is shipped back in the labeled envelop Stitch Fix provides for you. It’s as simple as bagging the items and dropping them in the nearest mail box. No additional fee. No dragging your little ones into the post office to buy a shipping label. It’s like Stitch Fix is made for busy Mamas! Swoon.

After you’ve chosen what to keep and what to return, log into your account to checkout. Be sure to leave Stitch Fix reviews during checkout detailing for your stylist what you liked and didn’t like about each item you received in your box. Be very specific. Your stylist uses your Stitch Fix reviews to decide what to send you in your next Fix. If you do your Stitch Fix reviews right, each Fix you receive gets better and better!

My Handy Photographer

I feel like the pictures this time around came out great. What do you think? We are both certainly amateur photographers over here. We did well considering the two toddlers running in and out of frame, wasps buzzing by every few seconds and only about 30 minutes to get the pictures wrapped up for this Stitch Fix April 2017 post! Just a little peek behind the scenes! lol It  really helps a girl smile when the photographer is your handsome Hubby! Thanks, babe!

Stitch Fix April 2017 Handsome Hubby Pic

^ Handsome Hubby <3

Stitch Fix April 2017

This month was my second Stitch Fix and my personal stylist this month was Kristin M. who was also the same personal stylist I had last month. I love what she puts together for me! This month Stitch Fix sent me one necklace, one dress, one pair of pants and two tops.

1. Pixley Eisenhower Strappy Top

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Pixley Eisenhower Strappy Top

I was wowed by this piece as soon as I saw the floral fabric peeking out at me from inside the box. The color is so vibrant! It’s even prettier in person. I’ve been pinning tops with interesting straps to my Pinterest board for my Stitch Fix personal stylist. This piece has a cute strap across the back connecting the two over shoulder straps.

The fabric was the real winner here. Who can argue with that beautiful floral print? Plus- it was thin, but not sheer which goes hand-in-hand with humid summers in the South. The price was $48. Verdict: Kept

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Pixley Floral Top

2. Heartloom Elah Crochet Detail Top

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Heartloom Elah Crochet Detail Top

Isn’t this lace detail GORGEOUS?!? It reminds me of the Brixon Ivy Blouse I kept from my first Stitch Fix last month. The color of this top was very flattering with my skin tone. I like my clothes to work double duty since I have a Minimalist wardrobe and that’s one reason I really liked this top. It’s an easy blouse to dress up with the gorgeous lace detail or dress down with just a pair of jeans.

There was something about the fabric this top was made of that just didn’t appeal to me though. I think it was the sleeves. For the first time, I felt like this piece was overpriced. I can justify spending a little more per item for the quality and convenience Stitch Fix provides to me- especially since it’s very hard to shop with two toddlers. I’m convinced Stitch Fix is saving me money in that regard, but this piece was just too far out of our monthly budget. The price was $74. Verdict: Returned

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Heartloom Crochet Detail Top

Casual style.


Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant

A more formal style.

3. Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant (2)

Y’all. I am confident that Stitch Fix has some kind of pants wizard on payroll. I try on pants and try on pants in stores and I can never find any that fit right. If I do find a pair that I think fit great, something happens in the distance between the store and my house and the pants never fit the same as they did! What gives?? Is is just me?

Somehow Stitch Fix is now 2 for 2 on perfectly fitting pants. The pair of boyfriend jeans my personal stylist sent me last month knocked my socks off. I’ve been wearing that pair twice a week at least. This pair fit equally as great with no gap at the waistband. How do they do it?! It’s a pants wizard. That’s the only explanation.

I requested a pair of cigarette pants (not jeans) in this Fix and these pants fit the bill. They were stretchy and very comfortable. I loved that the length was long on me because I’m on the taller side. If I could have kept more than one thing this month, I would have loved to keep these, but with summer creeping in I decided to wait on these since they probably won’t get much action until fall. The price was $78 and for the quality these pants were well worth that price. Verdict: Returned

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant (1)Pants wizardry, I say!!

4. RD Style Matt T-Shirt Knit Dress

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix RD Style Matt T-Shirt Knit Dress (2)

This dress fit my style so well. I love wearing black. This dress paired well with most of my small wardrobe pieces. It had a dark gray heather detail to the fabric which didn’t show up as well in the photographs as I thought. It was really pretty. I liked the sporty racer back straps and the length. I haven’t worn a short dress in a very long time and this one was short without being inappropriate for a Mama or difficult to wear.

This dress would be easy to wear year round making it a great staple for a capsule wardrobe. You could throw it on and go as-is in warmer months, or pair it with a leather jacket and boots in cooler weather. The price was $54. Verdict: Returned

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix RD Style Matt T-Shirt Knit Dress (3)

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix RD Style Matt T-Shirt Knit Dress (1)

The Boy was coming to help out with his watering can! hehe

5. Bay To Baubles Safah Stone Pendant Necklace

Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix Bay To Baubles Safah Stone Pendant Necklace

I was honestly surprised to see a necklace in my Stitch Fix  April 2017 shipment this month. I don’t wear jewelry. In my college days, I had more piercings than I could count and now I don’t even have pierced ears anymore! lol Funny how things change. The only exception to my lack of jewelry being my wedding band and very rarely an occasional necklace. Unless hair ties on my wrist count?? No? lol

I did really like this necklace though which also surprised me. Since discovering Minimalism, one thing I found easy for me to part with was my costume jewelry collection. This necklace intrigued me because it’s made of real stone. I’ve always been into rocks and that made this necklace special. The only thing that made it a bit off-putting for me was the color. On it’s own, the color is lovely, but I just can’t bring myself to like light pink. Don’t tell my daughter. She’s obsessed with light pink right now… The price was $34. Verdict: Returned 


Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix RD Style Matt T-Shirt Knit Dress

What did you think of my Stitch Fix April 2017 shipment? What would you keep or return? Tell us in the comments.

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Stitch Fix April 2017 My Second Stitch Fix

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