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If you follow me on Facebook then you’ve probably seen several teasing posts that I’ve shared with my Hubby about women growing out their armpit hair, or of women choosing to eliminate shaving all together. It really gets his gears grinding, and that makes me giggle.

People choosing not to remove the hair on their bodies doesn’t bother me. If you don’t wanna remove your body hair then I salute you, and to be perfectly upfront about it it’s a LOT of dang work shaving all the time so I can see why you’d make that choice…, but it’s not for me. I enjoy being hair-free so shaving is just part of life. There’s just one problem though…

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Avoiding Shaving

I am definitely what you would call a lazy shaver. My hair grows fast, and my pits are super sensitive and easily get razor burn so I don’t shave as often as I would like to.

Here’s a little backstory for you. When I was in 8th grade the new girl in class came over and asked to borrow my jacket. I wanted to be nice and say, “Yes,” but I couldn’t. I really didn’t want to offend her by denying her my coat when it clearly wasn’t cold inside so I had to let her in on my little secret. The reason I wouldn’t let her have my jacket is because I hadn’t shaved my underarms in several days… turns out the reason that she wanted to borrow my jacket was because she hadn’t shaved hers either. Did we just become best friends?! You betcha.

Shave Club for Women: Rose’s Razor Review

As much as I jest about it with my Hubby on Facebook, in all honesty, I could never give up going hairless. I love that “just shaved” feeling when my skin feels smooth without a prickle in sight. Today I’m going to share something with you that will make shaving so much easier for you, mama.

Rose’s Razors is a monthly shave club for women. Yes, you read that correctly FOR WOMEN! Your razors are sent directly to your home, and y’all know how much I love when the things I need are delivered straight to my doorstep because I have two toddlers who’d rather be playing than running out to the store when we’re out of something we need.

What’s in the box?

Rose’s Razors Long Stem Box was sent to me for this review. 

Okay- it looks pretty, but does it shave great??

Rose’s Razors are high quality, affordable, and glide easily across the skin.

I have to admit that upon first glance at the shape and flexion of the razor’s heads I was a bit nervous. Rose’s Razors have a very wide head and I was afraid it wouldn’t move with the curves of my legs and I’d get nicks. Boy- was I wrong!

With my usual razor, I get nicks around my ankles and knees unless I’m extremely careful (which usually means I skip over spots and I’m left with prickles- ugh!), but not with this razor. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been very surprised that each time I’ve used my Rose’s Razor because I have no cuts from shaving and no skipped over hair in hard to shave places. I’ve tried several razors in my lifetime including razors for men, but none have offered me a shave like this one. I’m hooked, y’all.

Shave Club for Women Monthly Subscription Box Rose's Razors Review

What makes Rose’s Razors so great?

Reasons I think these razors are working so well for me :

  1. The handle. The creators of Rose’s Razors put a lot of detail into the design of their handle. I love the weight of the razor in my hand. It does the job without feeling like you have to press hard to get a close shave. It has nice rubber grips in the right places, and it’s shaped in a way that’s easy to hold onto even when it’s wet because it has a “whale tale.” It feels like luxury.
  2. The blades. Rose’s Razors has 5 blades + an aloe strip. The blades are spaced far apart to prevent clogging and rinse easily- which they do! As a lazy shaver, I love that!! If you watched my unboxing video all the way to the end you can see the amount of hair I shaved through. The “before” isn’t pretty, but these Rose’s Razors were up to the task. 🙂 Psst- did I mention Rose’s Razors’ heads are engineered and made in the USA? Yes, ma’am!
  3. Price tag. I admit that I shave less and use a razor that’s past its prime more often than I should simply because razors cost too much money. I mean, it’s a razor for crying out loud. I toss it in the trash when I’m finished. It should do its job brilliantly, but it shouldn’t cost more than my meal at a nice restaurant.Rose’s Razors’ most expensive subscription is only $10/month and with it you’ll receive 48 razor heads over the course of the year + 2 handles and free shipping every time. They’re killin’ it, y’all! Plus- as they put it- a woman has the right to change her mind so you can stop or modify your subscription at any time. Read more here. Or don’t get a subscription at all and buy one of their a la carte kits. I think these would make the perfect Christmas gift for ladies of any age. You have to admit it sure is nice having what you need delivered straight to your front door with free shipping and not to having to worry about when you may run out of razors.
  4. Designed by a woman. Unlike other razor companies or shave clubs, Rose’s Razors is owned and operated by a woman which probably explains why they kick ass. She knows the shaving struggle because she lives it.Here’s a little more of the Rose’s Razors’ story from her partner, Jay (who she made shave his legs for an entire month to test out the product):
“The whole idea started about a year ago as Dipsi and I were getting ready for an event we had to attend.  She was out of razors so we had to make a quick run to the local drugstore to pick some up.  While she was shopping for the razors I noticed this really despondent look on her face.  When asked what was what wrong she complained about the high prices, lack of quality materials (most are quite plasticky) and the awful colors.  She said the section ‘looked like a bag of skittles threw up’. 
Eventually, she picked something and briefly mentioned that we should start something like [one of those shave clubs] for women like her who were just getting shafted.  On the way back from the event we thought about it more seriously and committed to the idea.  The goal was simple “Make Her Happy.” No more crazy markups, a great looking razor that functions perfectly, home delivery, and a price point that would bring premium razors to everyone.”
Mark my words, y’all. Rose’s Razors shave club for women is about to become a household name. Get on this!
Would you sign up for a shave club for women? Comment below.
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