Preparing For Baby The Minimalist Way

Put down the magic eraser and step away from your baseboards, Mama!

It is all fine and dandy to be cleaning things that you’ve never realized needed cleaning until the little one currently residing within your bump has inspired you to, but once your kiddo is here you’re going to wish you’d let the baseboards go and focused on more practical areas preparing for baby. (Ask me how I know… haha)

You’re also probably wondering what newborn essentials you actually need without all that “fluff,” what to work on when you feel like nesting, what you’re forgetting (pregnancy brain is real, y’all!), or how to dress your postpartum body.



After having two babies in less than 2 years, I’m able to look back and I realize a few changes I could have made during my pregnancies which would have made postpartum life with my two tiny humans much easier on myself. I suffered with postpartum depression after the birth of my second child and I think better preparation on my part could have helped me struggle less during this time. Read about my battle with PPD in this post.


I wish I had focused that magical second trimester pregnancy energy on getting my house in order instead of  scrubbing baseboards, washing every single piece of baby clothing or obsessing over the ingredients in crib mattresses. While those can be useful endeavors when you’re preparing for baby, I never once thought, “I’m so glad I washed all those size 12 month onesies,” after baby arrived. Not even with The Boy who was wearing his 12 month baby clothes at 4 months old.


If you’ve been reading this blog for very long then you know that Minimalism saved my motherhood. That’s why I decided to create this series of blog posts as a guide for pregnant Minimalist Mamas so that you don’t have to learn firsthand what I already learned the hard way. I want to help you prepare for baby without going overboard or wasting energy on the little things. And if you’re a Mama who is looking around her home and thinking, “I wish I had done a few things differently, too!” It’s never too late to make a change!

In this blog series, Preparing for Baby the Minimalist Way, we will cover:

Links will be added as each post is published so be sure to check back as I share all of my Minimalist Mama secrets!

What would you like to know about preparing for baby the Minimalist way? Ask away in the comments! 

Ready to get started preparing for baby? Don’t forget to pin this post then read the second post in this series, “30 Day Decluttering Challenge: Nesting Like A Minimalist”, here!

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9 thoughts on “Preparing For Baby The Minimalist Way

  1. How to handle side-eyes when you express you aren’t buying this or that… how to curb you desire to buy this or that when everyone else keeps throwing out the word “need”… basically how to listen to YOU and forget everyone else.
    I think a lot of moms struggle with that.

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