Flexing Your Decision-Making Muscle Overcome Minimalist Burnout

Flexing Your Decision-Making Muscle

In my first eCourse, Decluttering With Kids, I briefly touch on the idea of a decision-making muscle. (If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for my five day email eCourse by simply subscribing in the sidebar on the right, or if you are mobile it will be…

What does a minimalist need for a baby? newborn baby essentials mamabearmartin.com

What Does A Minimalist Need For A Baby?

As a Minimalist Mama, one of the questions that I get asked the most comes from expecting parents, “What do I really need for a baby?” Well- nothing teaches you quite so well what you really need for motherhood as the birth of your second child does.Today I want to answer that question…

How Minimalism Saved My Motherhood Liz Wilcox Blog

How Minimalism Saved My Motherhood

Today on the blog, I want to introduce you all to a new friend of mine, Liz Wilcox. Liz has her own blog where she writes about Minimalism and choosing to live full-time in an RV. I have to admit, I’m pretty jealous of her RV adventure! Right now, though,…

5 Reasons Why Full Time RV Living Is On My Bucket List

5 Reasons Why Full-Time RV Living Is On My Bucket List

Hello, lovely readers! Have you ever considered tiny house living? What about a tiny house on a trailer that you can pull behind you wherever the road and your intentions take you? An RV is the best of both worlds. Today I am guest posting for my friend Liz Wilcox…

One Little Word For The New Year

One Little Word For The New Year

During moments when I least expect it one little word will pop into my mind. When I’m reaching to check my phone just one more time before sitting down to play with my kids there it is. When all I want to do is stay home in my pajamas, but…

Minimalist Mama Game 2017 vacation toy box

Minimalist Mama Game January 2017 (And A Parenting Hack!)

This post may contain affiliate links. Hi everybody! I’m so glad to have you here on my little blog, MamaBear Martin: Minimalism + Motherhood. Are your heads still spinning from all of the season’s holiday festivities like mine? I have been focused on decluttering my home for a few months…

Why I'm thankful I discovered the culture of Minimalism

I’m Thankful I Discovered The Culture Of Minimalism

A lot of people feel obligated to do an “I’m thankful for…” post on Thanksgiving. I scroll through my newsfeed seeing my friends all posting identical statuses listing what we are all supposed to be thankful for. Family, religion and food always make the cut. I continue to scroll. Bored….

Finding Your Turning Point: How Hungry Are You

Finding Your Turning Point: How Hungry Are You?

As a young 20-something I often find myself surrounded with individuals at the beginnings of their careers. I regularly hear people complaining that they have to work more hours than they’d like. Even if it’s a job they’re in love with, they often appear to feel worn down and shackled….

Minimalist Missionary

Minimalist Missionary

How many times have you been scrolling through your news feed on social media when you come across photos a friend has posted of a recent mission trip? The poster captions the photos with some kind of enlightening quote and for a brief moment we are all inspired before continuing…

My Favorite Part of Becoming A Minimalist

My Favorite Part Of Becoming Minimalist

I wrote a few months back about beginning my intentional journey towards minimalism. Since then I’ve continued daily de-cluttering marathons. It’s difficult to notice a major difference in our surroundings so far as many rooms look as if they’ve been turned inside out. However, I wanted to share with you today…