Why I'm thankful I discovered the culture of Minimalism

I’m Thankful I Discovered The Culture Of Minimalism

A lot of people feel obligated to do an “I’m thankful for…” post on Thanksgiving. I scroll through my newsfeed seeing my friends all posting identical statuses listing what we are all supposed to be thankful for. Family, religion and food always make the cut. I continue to scroll. Bored….

Finding Your Turning Point: How Hungry Are You

Finding Your Turning Point: How Hungry Are You?

As a young 20-something I often find myself surrounded with individuals at the beginnings of their careers. I regularly hear people complaining that they have to work more hours than they’d like. Even if it’s a job they’re in love with, they often appear to feel worn down and shackled….

Minimalist Missionary

Minimalist Missionary

How many times have you been scrolling through your news feed on social media when you come across photos a friend has posted of a recent mission trip? The poster captions the photos with some kind of enlightening quote and for a brief moment we are all inspired before continuing…

My Favorite Part of Becoming A Minimalist

My Favorite Part Of Becoming Minimalist

I wrote a few months back about beginning my intentional journey towards minimalism. Since then I’ve continued daily de-cluttering marathons. It’s difficult to notice a major difference in our surroundings so far as many rooms look as if they’ve been turned inside out. However, I wanted to share with you today…

Don't Let Them Extinguish Your Drive: Chase The Sunlight
What a beautiful story about mother son relationships! I went through postpartum depression and it was SO hard! Postpartum Depression | Postpartum Depression Symptoms | Motherhood Stories | www.mamabearmartin.com

Overcoming Post-Partum Depression: The Boy Who Loved

The setting sunlight is dimly filtering through the westward window casting splashes of orange, pink and gold across our floor in long stretches of moving color like a dancing watercolor painting. As I lie in bed next to him, I watch him throw his little feet in the air and…


Ending A Toxic Relationship: Stronger In My Broken Places

“The ball’s in your court.” We began the phone call as a couple and ended the phone call, along with our relationship, with those words. In that moment, I felt relief. It was as if he had given his consent. I had permission to be free. It would grow to…

Finding My Motherhood On A NICU Couch

Finding My Motherhood On A NICU Couch

When my first child was born the world stopped spinning. The world stopped both because I had brought a perfect, new life into this world and also because this life I had created was brand new and already broken. The idealistic images of having a newborn that I had collected…

6 Things I've Learned So Far As I Become Minimalist

Six Things I’ve Learned (So Far) As I Become More Minimalist

We live in a world where we are bombarded at every turn by commercials, media, radio and even friends via social media telling us we “need” something to be happy. Our possessions seem to tell the world how successful we have become, how satisfied we are with our lives, and…

3 Ways To Have More By Having Less

Three Ways To Have More By Having Less

We live in a society here in the first world where having more is put on a pedestal. We are willing to go into uncharted depths of debt in order to follow the path of the average man which is supposed to lead us to the good life. Only after…