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30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

It’s that time of year again! Time for spring cleaning! Summer is just around the corner, and with summer comes summer break from school! That makes now the perfect time to get your clean on before your kids are home all day, girrrl! This post may contain affiliate links. If you…

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12 Parenting Discussions To Avoid On Social Media

Oh, y’alllll. We’re about to get down and dirty up in this Minimalist blog today! Grab your battle axes warrior princesses because today we’re talking about all the dark, taboo parenting topics that ignite the Mommy Wars signal fires. I’m going to share with you the top 10 parenting discussions to…

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How To Be A Minimalist With Kids: Tips For Beginner Minimalist Families

This post may contain affiliate links Have you heard of the Minimalist movement that’s been gaining momentum lately? If you haven’t, it’s basically a movement of individuals, couples and families who make the conscious choice to live simpler, more intentional lives which focus on things that are more important than…

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Toy Box or Nah?? How To Decide On Toy Storage That Works

Truly- there is not necessarily a “right” and “wrong” way to go about assigning homes to toys in order to establish a working toy organization system. There are, however, some methods that will make life a little less messy and a lot more fun! Not using a toy box is…

These are the BEST tips for decluttering toys I have ever read! Perfect for beginners! | How To Declutter Toys | Declutter Toys Tips | Declutter Toys Organizing Ideas | Declutter Toys Shelves | Declutter Toys Clutter | Declutter Toys Room | Declutter Toys Playroom | www.mamabearmartin.com

Declutter Toys In 5 Steps Before Summer Vacation

I’m gonna say something scary. Hold onto your seat… Ready? Summer break is coming. I knowwwww! Can you believe it? Just a few short weeks in my neck of the woods and kids will be out for summer break until the first of August. Summer break always gets here before…

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Stitch Fix May 2017 My Third Stitch Fix

This post contains affiliate links. I’m so excited to share my Stitch Fix May 2017 box with you! My personal stylist makes each month a huge winner. Using Stitch Fix makes it so easy for me to update my wardrobe as a busy mama to two littlles. Before I signed…

Full-Time RV Living With Kids | Tiny House | Full-Time RV Tips | Living In An RV With A Baby | MamaBearMartin.com Guest Post

Our Minimalist Journey: Living In An RV Full-Time

Today I have an amazing guest post from a new friend who also blogs on Minimalism, and about her life doing full-time RV living with kids! If you like reading Minimalism stories about full-time RV living then this post may interest you, too! Read on to learn more about my friend…