How I’ve CONSISTENTLY Grown My Blog Traffic To 35,000 Page Views In Only 6 Months Blogging

Once a month, I shift gears here at MamaBear Martin: Minimalism + Motherhood and talk about blogging instead of my usual tips on motherhood and organizing. I’m so excited to share with you what has been going on behind the scenes here in my sixth month of blogging! I still feel like a total newbie, but I must be doing something right because I’m slowly, but consistently seeing results. And- just between you and me- my total pageviews for my first 6 months of blogging have surpassed 100,000 now! Eee!

Are you a new blogger who's looking for tips on how to increase blog traffic? This blogger shares her income report AND how she's used social media and Pinterest to grow her page views to her website. Check it out! |

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Why do I share my income reports for this blog?

I enjoy sharing my best blogging tips and income reports for this blog because income reports are the reason I decided to go through with starting my own blog. Blogging has developed into a PASSION for me over these last 6 months. I enjoy teaching and helping others and I especially have a heart for Mamas in need. Reading income reports proved to me that I could teach and help others while also making our financial life in our one-income household a little less hectic. Did you know it’s not unheard of for bloggers to grow their salaries to 6 figures?? Learn how to start your own blog and begin earning money at home during naptime.

I hope you know that I don’t share my monthly blog income reports to be braggy. That is never my intention. I enjoy sharing my blogging tips and income report each month to inspire my fellow blogger entrepreneurs and encourage them in their businesses. No matter what YOUR niche topic is, you can make blogging work for you. Be sure to read my past income reports beginning with my very first monthly blog income report so that you can see how much I’ve grown MMMM in just 6 short months while being a stay-at-home Mama as my day job. 😉


At the end of my post on my fifth month blogging I shared my blog goals with you for the upcoming month. Here they are again if you missed it:

  • Continue to grow the areas of successful monetization.
  • Further my blog education by taking one new eCourse, or buying at least one new eBook. I’ll be reading Traffic Transformation’s new content updates after the re-launch as well! That resource is solid gold, y’all! Click here if you haven’t read Lena’s Traffic Transformation Guide yet!
  • Buy a refurbished laptop. Mine gets the job done, but I could really benefit from a faster computer.
  • Grow my pageviews to 30K (or higher). 😉
  • Remodel my Pinterest page. Most of my time, energy and efforts will go here and to writing new blog posts for you all. I hope that by overhauling my Pinterest I can see big results by doing this without having to do much work on my actual blog. That way any work done on my blog will be that much extra goodness.

So did I reach my blogging goals in time for my blog’s 6 month milestone?

Let’s find out.


05/22/17-  25,263          06/21/17-  34,930

Growth-  +9,667

Next month’s goal- 45,000+

See that big spike in the beginning of June? That was from ONE social share on Facebook in the right place at the right time.

How do I get more blog traffic?

I am both surprised and humbled by the numbers I continue to see in my blog’s Google Analytics at the end of each month. Last month I doubled the goal I had set for my blog traffic so this month I set a higher goal of wanting to reach 30,000 page views. Guess what! I was just a handful of page views short of hitting 5,000 more than my goal!! Wow, y’all!!

Here are a few tips I think are helping me to consistently grow my blog each month:

  • Hustle. You know this. If you’re an online entrepreneur then you already know you have to work, work, work and never rest on your laurels. NEVER stop when you’re ahead. Let that be motivation to only work that much harder.
  • This guide written by a fellow Mama blogger was the first blogging educational resource I invested in and I am SO grateful that I did. I know you read other blogs that link to products claiming those products are amazing, but I have consistently read (and seen for myself on my own blog) that Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation Guide is a total game changer. I’ve read it 3x now and I will read it again next month. It is an invaluable resource to any new, or stagnant, bloggers who want to make BIG changes in their blog traffic numbers.
  • Spend more of your valuable time doing rather than researching. There are countless case studies online written by bloggers who swear they’ve found the secret sauce for amazing blog growth. You can dig through the Internet’s archives trying to search out the answers you think you need, or you can work smarter.

**Best Blogging Tip For Newbies: With 6 months under my blogging belt now, I have to say with total truth that you will gain more of what you want to achieve by investing in your blog even before it’s generating income rather than digging through “freebies” online. Read this post about what to do with stuff after you’ve decluttered to discover a few ways to make extra money. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of ca$h to invest in your blogging business education.


05/21-  200       06/22-  280

Growth-  +99

Next month’s goal- +150



Did you just scroll up to see if that  big spike of growth on my email subscribers list matched my page views in my Google Analytics? Were you surprised to discover that it doesn’t? My blog got more subscribers than usual from my huge spike in page views, but the post that got the page views wasn’t centered around any certain opt-in for my email list. The 31 subscriber spike you see in my ConvertKit analytics is due to sharing the opt-in freebie from a post about cleaning. See for yourself.

One of my best blogging buddies and I were having a chat a few days ago and she asked me about my email list. She seemed surprised that my email list hadn’t grown like my page views had. I had to be honest with her, and I will share the same with you, my readers. My email list hasn’t grown because it intentionally hasn’t been my focus. I could grow my email list to the moon, but I still wouldn’t be ready to harness the power it holds.

Don’t get me wrong. I definitely want it grow!! I usually send out 1 email each week to stay in contact with my sweet subscribers who have quickly become my friends, but some weeks it’s so difficult to sit down and dream up inspiration for emails on top of creating blog articles. When I send an email out to my list I want to put as much work into it as I would a well-written blog article. I want to make sure I’m not emailing just to be emailing and that I do in fact have something valuable to share with my readers besides only a few new blog posts. Maybe that’s just my excuse. What do you think? do know that she’s right and I do I need to focus on my email list because it’s a critical aspect of blogging. I may add creating a few fresh, new opt-ins to my goal list for next month and see what happens.

Want to join my email list? Click here!


                                           05/22- 1,168 likes (follows- 1,221)              06/21- 1,205 likes (follows- 1,260)                                                    

Growth- +37

Next month’s goal- +100

I don’t have a lot to say about MamaBear Martin’s Facebook this month since I committed to growing my Pinterest page. It was very hard some days to not allow myself to get distracted and do work on Facebook instead of where I had committed to working. Next month I may make it a priority to share my page in a few group threads to get a few extra likes that way so that things don’t grow stagnant. I’m happy right now to see I have gained 37 new likes in that arena! Now onto my Pinterest Analytics to see if my hard work has paid off!…


05/22-  1,425     06/21-  1,571

Growth- +146

Next month’s goal- +150

I tried to put the most of my focus on Pinterest this month and it has really paid off! I have been averaging 100 new followers each month which I think is GREAT, but this month I earned 146! Some days were better than others and one day my Pinterest Analytics showed almost ZERO across the board. I’m curious if that day I had done something that locked or temporarily suspended my account like uploading too many new pins? Hm. All seems back to normal now though. Whew!


Here’s a snapshot of my Pinterest click through rate. If you’re clueless about Pinterest- the ONE THING you need to pay attention to is this number. Your click through rate is the average number of people on a daily basis who go from Pinterest to your website. In just 3 months my click through stats in my Pinterest Analytics have gone from 13 average daily clicks and 11 average daily visitors to what you see here. Nothing exceptional, but consistent growth is an A+ in my book!!

Understanding Pinterest Analytics for your Pinterest business account. |


Before we begin, this is money that was earned in my sixth month blogging not money that has actually hit my bank account yet. This is something that many new (or even some long-term) bloggers may not realize, but most companies that bloggers work with require two things before you receive payment. 1) Typically you must wait 30 days before a commission is “locked” in place due to the customer’s option to return an item or unsubscribe. 2) Many companies have a minimum amount of earnings an affiliate must reach before they receive any payments. Usually that minimum amount is around $100. I haven’t received payment yet for the majority of the amounts I’ve earned and I won’t until I meet the minimum earnings.


Affiliates- $130.76

Ads- $30.62

Sponsored posts- $150 + 2 FREE products to review ($125 retail value)

Total earnings: $436.38

This is an ALL-TIME HIGH, y’all! My #1 goal this month is focusing on monetizing effectively. I put A TON of work into my blog each day. It sure would be amazing to consistently make enough to call this blog thing my real job.


ConvertKit– $29

TailWind- $15 Use my link to sign up and we’ll both get a free month. 🙂

Cracking the Code on the Amazon Associate’s Program eBook- $20

Total expenses: $64

I don’t include these expenses every month, but I also have miscellaneous expenses like any office would have for office supplies, wi-fi and the like. I also have yearly blogging expenses like web hosting and a PO Box for my email list. Now that things are getting more serious I’m planning to keep much more detailed records and I hope to share those here with you all as long as you’re interested. 🙂

Do you want to start a blog? Read my post How To Earn Money Online: Start A Blog! I share all my secrets! And I encourage you to email me if you need help getting started. 🙂 Then be sure to follow up by reading my monthly income reports. I share my BEST blogging tips every month in those reports just for my amazing readers.


  • Focusing all of my non-direct blogging energy on Pinterest was an incredible help. There were multiple days I was getting over 1,000 page views without any extra effort on my part. That’s incredible, y’all!
  • Spreaking of Pinterest, Tailwind Tribes is HUGE for getting growth! My pins have reached well over 2 million pairs of eyeballs thanks to TailWind Tribes and get this. At the time of writing this post, ANYONE can use TailWind Tribes for FREE. You just have to be invited and create a TailWind account. I love TailWind Tribes becaues when I add one of my posts to a Tribe I almost always see an instant spike in page views to my website. What other blogging tool do you use that you can say does that??
  • Sharing my posts on social media on share days. I’m always very particular about which posts I choose to share in these threads since you only get ONE once each week.
  • Having a title strategy when publishing a new blog post is life. Seriously. I was just talking to one of my besties who’s interested in creating a blog about this very thing. Some bloggers just don’t get it and then they wonder why aren’t I getting views when I’m working my ass off? An amazing title will get curious minds to click through. NOT talking about click-bait. Your posts MUST deliver what you say they will, BUT how you word your title could make all the difference between 10 people reading what you have to say or 10,000.
  • Be genuinely helpful and always follow through with what you say you will do.


  • I write this “What Didn’t Work” segment every month, and I usually DO have some reason that I think things could have gone significantly better. This month though, I feel went really great. The one thing I would say that I think didn’t work was monetizing. I’ve had ample opportunities to get my affiliate links in front of eyeballs, but I’m still not getting much action like other bloggers on my level seem to be. I have been saying this since month one, but I do still want to take an affiliate marketing course to see what the missing link is for me. haha


These are the tools that led to a successful sixth month blogging:


Stitch Fix– I tried Stitch Fix for the fourth time this month and I’m hooked!! I loved it so much that I just had to share it with everyone I know! I think it is going to be an excellent tool for anyone wanting to create or update a capsule wardrobe especially busy mamas. I plan to write a few posts about the process of updating my Minimalist wardrobe using Stitch Fix.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, Stitch Fix is a company that acts as your very own personal stylist. They offer a thorough style profile to fill out to help your personal stylist get a taste of what you enjoy. Be sure to go into detail on the types of things you love AND hate to wear then create a Pinterest board (optional, but I highly recommend) to pin images to that will help guide your stylist when they create your Stitch Fix box. For only $20 (which goes towards any items that you choose to purchase) your stylist will curate a box of 5 items- shoes, dresses, tops, jeans, accessories, handbags, whatever you prefer- that they think you will love and before you know it your Stitch Fix will arrive at your door step!

Your $20 styling fee is used towards any items you decide to purchase from your Fix. If you love them and decide to purchase all 5 then you’ll get a steep 25% discount! Say whaaat?! You can read about why Stitch Fix doesn’t suck in this post or see what items I receive each month in my Fixes hereIf you decide you love Stitch Fix as much as I do then you can refer your friends and earn FREE Fixes!

Tailwind– Tailwind is essentially a scheduling tool for Pinterest, but it’s SO much more. I am still learning about all of the features that it provides, but my favorite so far is Tailwind Tribes. Tribes are sort of like Pinterest group boards, but you get a whole lot more action on there AND the analytics to prove it!! Plus, it’s FREE! Just click the link to sign up! 🙂

ConvertKit– ConvertKit hosts landing pages for all of my opt-in freebies that my readers love so much. A plugin to create landing pages would be an added expense, but it comes included in the price of ConvertKit. The automation ConvertKit provides saves me so much time PLUS it’s easyyy. I would be committing a lot more time to sending out emails, keeping straight of what I’ve already sent or what I haven’t and I wouldn’t have a clue if my subscribers opened the email, read it or clicked any links inside. I know because I didn’t use ConvertKit for my first 6 weeks of blogging and sending out eCourse lessons and newsletters stole SO MUCH of my time each day. Switching was a huge time saver for me and I feel like it makes my blog look more professional because it provides beautiful forms and landing pages for my opt-in freebies. is a network of affiliates that bloggers can use to generate income from their blogs. I’m still figuring out which affiliate may pair up best with MamaBear Martin: Minimalism + Motherhood. And since I will never recommend a product that I don’t believe in 100%, deciding on any affiliates which meet my standards may take a little while, but they will be worthy of my recommendation.

BlueHost– I signed on for BlueHost to host my domain because of the price (a FREE domain name + only 3.95/month that’s the cost of a drive-thru coffee!), reputation, and ease of use. I appreciate BlueHost’s customer service. When I had an issue on a Saturday night I was able to contact a customer service rep from my cell phone’s browser to text chat while at my very rural farm. The rep I worked with went above and beyond to help correct the issues my blog was experiencing. If you’re wanting to start a blog, start off on the right foot with BlueHost and read my thorough how-to guide for starting a blog here. I knew NOTHING about blogging when I started so I think that post will be very helpful to newbies. Send me an email if you wanna chat more on blogging! 🙂

Read more about my blogging journey and past monthly income reports:

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Next Month’s Goals

Stay tuned for my next monthly income report + blogging tips from My Seventh Month Blogging. We’ll have officially made it over the half a year hump by then. Can you believe it?!

  • My #1 goal and focus this month is practicing better strategies for monetization. A few days ago I bought an ebook about how to use one of my affiliates more successfully and I’m hoping I see a big upward swing from putting those new tips into practice.
  • Further my blog education by taking one new eCourse all about Pinterest ( I just bought it today after receiving a coupon code in my email! ). I want to put a TON of energy into the new eBook I bought about an affiliate program that I’m in and, of course, I’ll be reading Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation Guide again. Yes, it’s so helpful that I re-read it every month! Seriously!!
  • Buying a refurbished laptop is still on the list this month. I just didn’t get around to it last month, but the longer I wait the more money I will have saved. It’s definitely on the top of the list this month!
  • Grow my pageviews to 40K (or higher). 😉 Side bar– total honesty? I think I’m willing to let my page views drop a little this month. I want to be serious about focusing my limited energies on Pinterest and monetizing. It is so easy for me to spread myself too thin trying to do it all and do it all at once, but I know that if I let this one month go then I’ll recoup any page view losses from the traction I gain on Pinterest. …I hope! LOL

Join me next month as I share what I’ve learned from blogging for seven months!

What’s your best blogging tip for getting more pageviews? Share with me in the comments.

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Are you a new blogger who's looking for tips on how to increase blog traffic? This blogger shares her income report AND how she's used social media and Pinterest to grow her page views to her website. Check it out! |

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