How I Grew My Blog Traffic To An All-Time High For 2 Months In A Row: My Fifth Month Blogging

Wow! How is it already time to share my fifth blog income report with you all?? Time goes by so fast!

Well, y’all. I’m back today to share if my significant rise in pageviews last month was some random spike, or if there has been to a method to my madness all along. It’s one thing to get your pageviews up for one month. It’s an entirely different game to get them up and keep them up.

Here’s how my fifth month went.


Monthly Income My Fifth Month Blogging

This post may contain affiiliate links. Should you choose to make a purchase through one of the links I’ve provided then my blog will receive a small commission at no addtional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Why do I share my income reports for this blog?

My longtime readers know by now that I’m not a braggy kind of lady. I try my very best to always be helpful and kind because that’s what I like to see in the world. It should go without saying that I’m not sharing my blogger monthly income reports to toot my own horn, but rather to help others. Reading blogger monthly income reports were a big part of why I started this blog. I love rising to a challenge, and I want to help others find their challenge and rise to meet it, too!

If you think blogging is the challenge for you and you’re interested in starting a blog all your own then read this post I wrote on How To Start A BlogBe sure to read my past income reports beginning with my very first one when you’re finished there so you can glean the helpful tips I share at the end of each blogging month.


At the end of this post I shared my blogging goals with you for my fifth month blogging. Every month I outline a list of a few big goals I’d like to aim for, but as the month progresses and I see where this blog is naturally growing I usually end up creating a new goal or two. Here’s what I outlined ahead of time:

  • I still want to take a course on affiliate marketing. Wah! I still haven’t been able to squeeze that in.
  • I decided to try running ads on the blog. I’m hoping to make enough from ads to meet expenses next month.
  • Begin outlining a new project. Y’all. I am SO excited to share this with you and it isn’t even started yet!!
  • Possibly be creating some printables. 😉
  • Continue to focus on smart social sharing and SEO + excellent, helpful blog content.


Did I meet my goals in my fifth month blogging? Lets find out.



Before I share my stats with you for my fifth month blogging, I want to let you in on a little not-so-secret tool that I have been using for 2 months now. I grabbed my copy last month and it helped me to grow my pageviews last month to reach my goal of 20,000! My highest ever (spoiler alert!) until now! Find a copy for yourself here. I have already used mine again this month, and the best part is that it is hot off the presses from an amazing update. I can’t wait to dig into the new content inside!

Let me show you a little of what it has helped me to do…


04/22/17-  19,693    05/21/17-  25,263

Growth-  +5,570

Next month’s goal- 30,000+

This month my main goal in the area of my pageviews was to determine if last month was simply a lucky fluke, or if my pageviews were genuinely growing. I had made such a huge leap from only 4,000 pageviews up to 20,000 pageviews so you can understand my hesitation. Check out this screenshot from my Analytics account for my fifth month blogging!

Monthly Income My Fifth Month Blogging

My goal this month was to get only 15,000 pageviews, and I almost doubled that!

That first big spike you see was because of something I learned and implemented directly from re-reading Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation Guide. I hit over 2,000 pageviews just in that day ALONE. That was an all-time high for my baby blog here! The second big spike is because of a pin beginning to go viral. Super exciting stuff, y’all! 


Traffic Transformation Lena Gott

  • Seriously- you have to get Lena’s Traffic Transformation Guide. It has made all the difference for me. I am an avid reader and researcher, but all of that time spent sifting through Pinterest posts could be better spent just reading this one guide that details 21 strategies Lena used to grow her blog traffic from 17,000 to 400,000+ pageviews in just 10 months. Y’all. Put down those case studies you find on Pinterest and invest in this tool for your business.
  • Smart Sharing– When you share an article or blog post on social media watch your Analytics to see how your audience responds. Where is the bulk of your traffic coming from? Once you have the answer to that question you will know the places you should be sharing your posts as soon as you hit publish.
  • SEO– I focus on SEO because I don’t want to put all of my eggs in one basket so to speak.



My most popular post this month has been this one by a long shot. I think this post has done well because it’s primed for both organic traffic (SEO) and Pinterest.


04/22-  168       05/21-  200

Growth-  +32

Next month’s goal- +150

Monthly Income Report My Fifth Month Blogging


I’ve begun to notice that my email list growth mimics the spikes in pageviews on my blog. If I could find the time to churn out new blog posts and get myself ahead for a week or two then I think I’d be able to focus more on things like promoting and growing my email list. I know how important it is to grow my list, but if I’m being totally honest with you guys my list isn’t a huge source of blog traffic or income at the moment so it ends up getting a backseat. I 100% intend to keep growing my email list, but it’s one of many irons in the fire and I tend to focus on the hottest iron for the moment. It’s time will come when I’m more ready to give it my entire focus again. Work smarter not harder, y’all. 😉


                               04/22- 1,051             05/21- 1,168 likes (follows- 1,221)

Growth- +117

Next month’s goal- +150

I think a lot of my Facebook page’s growth this month can be attributed to a blogging Facebook group I joined. I can’t be sure, but that’s my suspicion. I’m happy to have the extra likes and pageviews from it though! To do: Make time to comment and answer questions in blog groups related to my niche. When I have done this in the past I have seen my Facebook likes go way up. If you choose to do this, never be sales-y and always be helpful!

Monthly Income My Fifth Month Blogging


04/22-  547     05/21-  561

Growth-  +14

Next month’s goal- Any upward growth 

I have ignored Instagram again. Occasionally I post one or two new blog posts on there when I’m hurting to meet my daily goal for pageviews, or if I have something I think my audience there will genuinely love. I don’t have plans at the moment to put a ton of my focus there any time soon, but what growth comes from it will be welcomed, of course.


04/22-  1,322         05/21-  1,425

Growth- +103

Next month’s goal- +100

Monthly Income My Fifth Month Blogging


If you recall my big Pinterest oopsy a couple months ago (deleting old boards = deleting followers *ouch) then you’ll feel my joy with the amount of significant growth my Pinterest page is earning. Like last month, it grew by 100 new followers (But that’s not the best part! Keep reading!). I wish I could do more in that area, but I haven’t really given it the time. I changed my profile description beside my picture, but that’s about the only thing I’ve really changed this month as far as Pinterest goes.

I’ve continued to use this Pinterest tool and it’s gotta be the best thing ever as far as scheduling and leaving it behind to work on other blog things. Tailwind is currently doing a promotion where you can get a $30 credit if you sign up before 11:59PM CT on May 31st!! The best part is that it’s totally free to sign up! Tailwind Tribes is where it’s at. If you want to be a serious blogger, you gotta get on Tribes. 😉

I’d love to enroll in a Pinterest course this month to save myself the time of sifting through posts to discover what works and what doesn’t. #aintnobodygottimeforthat #gottahustleson! My list of blogging “want to-do’s” just keeps growing! haha


I can’t pretend that I understand all the ins and outs to Pinterest yet, but I do know the one most important thing. Click throughs to your website. None of this other stuff matters if people aren’t actually using your pins to get to your website, right???

Last month I shared two photos from my Pinterest Analytics for you to compare. The first photo showed my click through average from my third month blogging and the second photo showed the same stat from my fourth month blogging. In my third month, the stats were 13 average daily clicks and 11 average daily visitors. Man. Wimpy. Wimpy. Wimpyyy. In my fourth month, I followed the advice of Amber Temerity from Embracing Temerity and Thrifty Guardian. After taking her free webinar my stats went up to 35 clicks and 31 visitors almost overnight and they’ve continued to grow from there.

Here’s this month’s click through averages.

Monthly Income My Fifth Month Blogging Blogger Income Report Pinterest Clicks

Maybe nothing Earth shattering for the real heavy hitters in the blogging world, but y’all. I grew! Again!

My ideal goal is by the end of the year to be earning 10x the daily click through average as you see here! That would make blog life so much easier.

And here’s the overview of averages from my Pinterest Analytics this month. 

Monthly Income My Fifth Month Blogging Blogger Income Reports Pinterest Analytics

Check out how much action my pins have been getting this month, y’all!



This is money that was earned in my fifth month blogging. This is something that many new (or long-term) bloggers may not realize, but most companies that bloggers work for have a minimum amount a blogger must reach before they receive any payments. Usually that minimum amount is around $100. I haven’t received payment yet for ANY of the amounts I’ve earned and I won’t until I meet the minimum earnings. The only exception to this fact being a few referral credits I earned from affiliates.


Affiliates- $144.58

Ads- $18.18

Lena Gott’s Traffic Transformation– $10

Total earnings: $172.76

I’m excited about this number because this is real cash dollars, y’all, and not just referral credits to affiliates. Hopefully I’ll hit the income minimums soon because I  have BIG PLANS for investing this money back into my blogging business!


ConvertKit- $29

TailWind- $0 This month I had a referral credit. 🙂

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle from Ultimate Bundles- $29.97

Ledger- $3.88

Total expenses: $62.85

I don’t include these every month, but I also have miscellaneous expenses like any office would have for office supplies and wi-fi and the like. I also have yearly expenses like web hosting and a PO Box for my email list. Now that things are getting serious I’m planning to keep much more detailed records and I hope to share those here with you all as long as you’re interested. 🙂

Do you want to start a blog? Read my post How To Earn Money Online: Start A Blog! I share all my secrets! And I encourage you to email me if you need help getting started. 🙂


  • Tailwind Tribes is HUGE for getting growth! My pins have reached well over 2 million pairs of eyeballs thanks to TailWind Tribes. When you add one of your posts to a Tribe always always always reciprocate. They’ll kick your butt out if you don’t help out.
  • Sharing my posts on social media on share days.
  • Creating amazing titles. I’m not talking about click-bait. Your posts MUST deliver what you say they will, BUT how you word your title could make all the difference between 10 people reading what you have to say or 10,000.
  • Writing what people want to read. You could write 100 different posts about what happened when you ran out for groceries, what your kids did today, or how to change batteries in a television remote, but none of that matters if people (besides your mom and BFF) won’t read it.
  • Be genuinely helpful. All da time, ya hear? There’s enough success to go around for everyone to have some. Don’t think for one minute that not helping someone else furthers yourself in anyyy way. It doesn’t.


  • Not writing enough! Ugh! As a stay-at-home Mama first, blogging must come second. I wish I could write, write, write even one or two days each week, but I just don’t find the time right now. Most of my blog works takes place early in the mornings, at naptime, or after bedtime for the kids. A few minutes here and there does add up, but it’d be nice to do some bulk writing now and then. 🙂 That’s something I want to work on. I’d like to get an entire month ahead on writing posts to make room in my schedule for other work.


These are the tools that helped me have such a great fifth month blogging:

Stitch Fix– I tried Stitch Fix for the third time this month and I’m hooked!! I loved it so much that I just had to share it with everyone I know! I think it is going to be an excellent tool for anyone wanting to create or update a capsule wardrobe especially busy mamas. I plan to write a few posts about the process of updating my Minimalist wardrobe using Stitch Fix.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, Stitch Fix is a company that acts as your very own personal stylist. You fill out their style profile detailing the types of things you love AND hate to wear then create a Pinterest board (optional, but I highly recommend) to pin images to that will help guide your stylist when they create your Stitch Fix box. For only $20 your stylist will curate a box of 5 items- shoes, dresses, tops, jeans, accessories, handbags, whatever you prefer- that they think you will love and before you know it your Stitch Fix will arrive at your door step!

Your $20 styling fee is used towards any items you decide to purchase from your Fix. If you love them and decide to purchase all 5 then you’ll get a steep 25% discount! Say whaaat?! You can read about why Stitch Fix doesn’t suck in this post or see what items I receive each month in my Fixes here

Tailwind– Tailwind is essentially a scheduling tool for Pinterest, but it’s SO much more. I am still learning about all of the features that it provides, but my favorite so far is Tailwind Tribes. Tribes are sort of like Pinterest group boards, but you get a whole lot more action on there AND the analytics to prove it!! Plus, it’s FREE! Just click the link to sign up! 🙂

ConvertKit– ConvertKit hosts landing pages for all of my opt-in freebies that my readers love so much. A plugin to create landing pages would be an added expense, but it comes included in the price of ConvertKit. The automation ConvertKit provides saves me so much time PLUS it’s easyyy. I would be committing a lot more time to sending out emails, keeping straight of what I’ve already sent or what I haven’t and I wouldn’t have a clue if my subscribers opened the email, read it or clicked any links inside. I know because I didn’t use ConvertKit for my first 6 weeks of blogging and sending out eCourse lessons and newsletters stole SO MUCH of my time each day. Switching was a huge time saver for me and I feel like it makes my blog look more professional because it provides beautiful forms and landing pages for my opt-in freebies. is a network of affiliates that bloggers can use to generate income from their blogs. I’m still figuring out which affiliate may pair up best with MamaBear Martin: Minimalism + Motherhood. And since I will never recommend a product that I don’t believe in 100%, deciding on any affiliates which meet my standards may take a little while, but they will be worthy of my recommendation.

BlueHost– I signed on for BlueHost to host my domain because of the price (a FREE domain name + only 3.95/month that’s the cost of a drive-thru coffee!), reputation, and ease of use. I appreciate BlueHost’s customer service. When I had an issue on a Saturday night I was able to contact a customer service rep from my cell phone’s browser to text chat while at my very rural farm. The rep I worked with went above and beyond to help correct the issues my blog was experiencing. If you’re wanting to start a blog, start off on the right foot with BlueHost and read my thorough how-to guide for starting a blog here. I knew NOTHING about blogging when I started so I think that post will be very helpful to newbies. Send me an email if you wanna chat more on blogging! 🙂

Read more about my blogging journey and past monthly income reports:

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My Second Month Blogging- How I Tripled My Email List In 30 Days

Monthly Income Report- How I Made $235 My Third Month Blogging

How I Went From 4,000 to 20,000 Pageviews In 30 Days

Next Month’s Goals

Stay tuned for my next monthly income report + blogging tips from My Sixth Month Blogging. Half a year?! Can I get a whoop whoop! I am feeling like things are beginning to become consistent and I intend to meet some BIG GOALS next month!!

  • Continue to grow the areas of successful monetization.
  • Further my blog education by taking one new eCourse, or buying at least one new eBook. I’ll be reading Traffic Transformation’s new content updates as well! That resource is solid golddd, y’all!
  • Buy a refurbished laptop. Mine gets the job done, but I could really benefit from a faster computer.
  • Grow my pageviews to 30K (or higher). 😉
  • Remodel my Pinterest page. Most of my time, energy and efforts will go here and to writing new blog posts for you all. I hope that by overhauling my Pinterest I can see big results by doing this without having to do much work on my actual blog. That way any work done on my blog will be that much extra goodness.

Join me next month as I share what I’ve learned from blogging for half a year now!

What’s your best blogging tip for getting more pageviews? Share with me in the comments. 🙂

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  1. Congrats on your results! As a full time momma, I completely understand the limited time. Like you said, work smart not hard. If you’re looking for a Pinterest course, the Brilliant Business Moms Pinterest course is AMAZING! They cover literally everything from beginning to end. (As a side note, I did get an email from them this morning saying the price is going up on Friday or Saturday bun $100. SO if it’s something you think you’d use, definitely look into the investment.

    1. Hi, Micah!
      Thanks for commenting! I will certainly look into that Pinterest program. If I decide to purchase it, do you have an affiliate link I could use? If you do, email it to me and I’d be happy to use it if I decide it’s a good fit for me. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. That is awesome! Great results for such a new blog, I hope I can get to that same level by my fifth month!
    Can I ask a question about Pinterest – I use Tailwind myself – how many pins per day do you recommend?

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Hi, Damjan! I recently upgraded my TailWind account to the unlimited version and I would now say that I recommend 50 automated pins per day + manually pinning a few times per week things that interest your audience. I hope that helps! Best wishes! -MamaBear

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