Monthly Income Report- How I Made $225 My Third Month Blogging

It’s that time again! Time to share my blog’s monthly income report!


This month was almost a total bust in blogging for me, but I managed to make my first monthly income. I suffered for about 4 weeks with some very frustrating health issues that hit me by total surprise. The issues impaired my ability to think and focus (more than usual lol), I could hardly read and I certainly couldn’t write.

On my better days I managed to chisel out a little bit of content for you guys just to keep fresh material on here, but the numbers don’t lie and this month wasn’t my best. I’m going to make next month my best month yet to make up for it!

Why do I share my monthly income for this blog?

In these monthly income reports, I open up about the details of how blogging is going for me behind the scenes because I know a lot of you out there may be wanting to start a blog of your own. One of the things that encouraged me most to start this blog was reading other bloggers’ monthly income reports and their stories of failures and successes. You can read my monthly income report on my first month of blogging in this post and my second monthly income report here.

This is why I want to share my blogging secrets with you (if I have any!). I genuinely feel like there’s enough success to go around for each of us to have some. 🙂 Please know, I do not in any way post this monthly income information to be prideful. I am putting myself out there and genuinely want to help others in acting as a case study by sharing my monthly income reports for my blog. 


Each month, I set goals for my blog. I select one primary goal as my main focus and two smaller goals before I hash out a game plan and a to-do list to help me reach my blogging goals for that month. Today I’m going to share with you the things I did in my third month blogging that worked, what I tried that failed and any tools I used to help me get there.

Along with trying to create and consistently post quality content for my readers my blogging goals for my third month blogging were:

  • Focus on SEO in order to generate organic traffic from search engines to
  • Reach 15,000 pageviews in my third month blogging
  • Grow traffic from Pinterest
  • Generate 1 cent in monthly income from a new affiliate


Did I meet my goals in my third month of blogging? Let’s find out.

Monthly Income My Third Month Blogging

This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through one of the links I’ve provided, I will receive a very small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog, the work I love!


02/22-  9,257       03/21- 4,193

Growth-  -5,064

My Third Month Blogging Monthly Income

In my second month blogging, I ended the month feeling very encouraged. I had come SO close to my goal of reaching 10,000 page views so I really wanted to grab ahold of that milestone and more this month!

Before my third month blogging even got started good my health issues happened, too many doctor visits, then I blinked and the month was over.

I was in a similar place with pageviews at this point in the month last month, but I had two big projects in the works at the end of last month that I knew you Mamas would love. This month I didn’t have anything in process behind the scenes that I would be able to publish before my third month blogging ended. Oh, well.

On the plus side this month I did reach my goal of increasing traffic from Pinterest to Pinterest was 39.2% (338 sessions) of my social traffic this month!! That’s a huge leap from a laughable 1.63% (37 sessions) of my total social traffic last month when I had way more pageviews! I started working hard at Pinterest last month, but this month it inevitably became 100% my focus because pinning a few things here and there was one thing I was able to do effectively.

Monthly Income Month 3 Blog Analytics Pinterest Traffic increase


  • I joined more Pinterest group boards to pin my work onto to encourage Pinterest users to visit my blog.
  • I shared blog posts on my personal Facebook, MMMM’s Facebook page and shared a couple posts in relevant Facebook groups.


My most popular post in my third month of blogging was this post with 200 unique pageviews about how to declutter and nest like a Minimalist during pregnancy. No posts broke through the 1,000 pageviews marker this month. Next month is gonna be better!

 Email Subscribers

02/22-  116       03/21-  140

Growth-  +24
monthly income convertkit analytics grow email list


I switched to ConvertKit a little over 2 weeks into last month and couldn’t be happier. When I began my second month blogging, I had exactly 42 subscribers to my email list. After switching to ConvertKit my email list continued to grow, but at rapid speed! Within 14 days, the total number of subscribers to my email list had TRIPLED!!! I credit that growth 100% to ConvertKit’s ease of use (I’m definitely no technology genius), automations for sending emails, hosting a landing page for my eCourse and the reports they give me about the emails that I send out to subscribers. 

This month I gained 24 subscribers. This number makes me happy even though it doesn’t even come close to last month’s number or new subscribers because it shows me that even when I’m not able to do anything “extra” to promote my opt-ins I can still have new subscribers sign up who will benefit from my freebies.

I sent out a few email newsletters to my list in my third month blogging, but I need to stay in touch better with my lovely subscribers next month. Takeaway for the coming month: Focus on promoting my opt-ins and make it a priority to grow a stronger relationship with my readers through quality newsletters. 


02/22- 911      03/21- 997

Growth- +86

One of my social media goals in my second month blogging was to grow my Facebook page to 1,000 likes. I didn’t quite get there so I carried that goal over to my third month blogging. I surpassed 1K followers in my third month blogging, but I only grew to 997 likes. (Seriously- could someone tell me WHY there’s even a difference?? I don’t get it.)

Just like with my email list, I wasn’t able to do any promoting or even post to MMMM’s Facebook page the majority of this month. That’s okay. I’m impressed that my Facebook audience grew +86 when it was basically working on autopilot.


If you’re a blogger who’s been frustrated with the slow growth of your Facebook audience, here’s my secret:

'If you want to grow your FB audience, be friendly and helpful in FB groups relevant to your blog's niche.' - Leah 'MamaBear' MartinClick To Tweet

Monthly income Month 3 Facebook Analytics


02/22-  534     03/21-  536

Growth-  +2

I created an Instagram page for MamaBear Martin: Minimalism + Motherhood in my first month blogging so I could showcase the Minimalist Mama Game we played. I continued my Minimalist decluttering game theme in my second month blogging by choosing one craft supply to declutter every day. This month, my third month blogging, I took a break from Instagram mostly because it’s not my favorite social media outlet.


02/22-  4         03/21- 16

Growth- +12

Monthly income Month 3 Twitter Followers

I really shouldn’t even include Twitter anymore in my monthly income posts so this is the last time I’ll include it until I’m ready to make my Twitter account grow. I literally don’t even know where to begin on Twitter. If you have any great tips for growing a following there I’d love to hear them in the comments or shoot me an email! I gained a handful of new followers this month on Twitter and I shared new blog posts there, but that was the extent of my time spent committed to Twitter this month.


02/22-  2,006         03/21-  1,222

Growth- -784

monthly income month 3

I made one huge boo boo this month on Pinterest. In the process of streamlining my old, personal Pinterest page into a business page for MMMM I set the majority of my personal boards to secret. After about a month, I realized I wasn’t ever going to read or pin anything to these boards again and they were getting in my way making my lists of boards very long so I decided to delete them.

Big oopsie.

Without realizing it when I deleted these boards I deleted half of my Pinterest followers. Half, y’all. I could’ve cried. Live and learn. On the upside, I have noticed an increase in the amount of daily followers I’ve been gaining on Pinterest since I deleted the unused boards so maybe it is helping me use my time more efficiently.

When I originally deleted the boards it dropped my numbers down to around 1,190 followers so just over a week I’ve grown quite a bit compared to my normal. I think this growth is because of investing my time on Pinterest since that was all I could do coherently this month.

Monthly Income Month 3 Pinterest Analytics
As a side note- does anyone know how to “confirm” my website with Pinterest? I’ve added the coding to my blog and also tried the alternative of using the download they provide. No luck. Advice??


Monthly Income Month 3 Pinterest Clicks

That’s right. 1,600% growth.

  • Create helpful blog content
  • Create an image for your blog post that is Pinterest appropriate (roughly 800×1200 in size)
  • Pin, pin, pin to group boards & don’t be afraid to pin it more than once a week if it’s a very large audience
  • Repin others’ work from the group boards if it fits the topic
  • Join more group boards
  • Research and sign up for TailWind (this is on my to-do list for next month!)  **UPDATE: I signed up!

I’m still struggling to get any significant number of repins on my articles. If you have any Pinterest tips for bloggers, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below and if you don’t have any tips how about just pin this post and help a girl out! 😉

Monthly Income Report For MMMM

I want to be clear. This is money that was earned in my third month of blogging. I haven’t received payment yet and I won’t until I meet the minimum earnings for some of my affiliates or until the following month.

Earnings for my third month blogging:

Affiliate income- $ 0.00

Affiliate credits- $ 225.00

Expenses In My Third Month Blogging

I met my monthly income goal this month by generating at least 1 cent in new affiliate income! This is a huge win for me and the blog, you guys! HUGE! This is the first step to me being able to blog full-time and I’m so excited about what that could change for my family.

These numbers just go to show how important social media is to blogging. When you consider that my blog traffic this month was less than half of what it has been averaging, but this is the first month I’ve made any significant monthly income (credits). I know almost all of those referrals which added affiliate credits to my monthly income had to come from my blog’s social media pages.


  • Committing more time to Pinterest has certainly paid off in a huge increase in traffic from Pinterest
  • Trying out a new affiliate resulted in my first significant amount of income (credits) generated from blogging
  • Asking for help when I wasn’t feeling well- thanks to both of my guest posters this month!


  • Being under the weather certainly didn’t work for me! lolz But, seriously, it did open my eyes to some things that I am starting off on the right foot with like my email list and Facebook page.


These are the tools that helped me have such a great third month blogging:

Stitch Fix– I tried Stitch Fix for the first time this month and loved it so much that I just had to share it with everyone I know! I signed up to be an affiliate for Stitch Fix because I think it is going to be an excellent tool for anyone wanting to create or update a capsule wardrobe especially busy Mamas. I plan to write a few posts about the process of updating my Minimalist wardrobe.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, Stitch Fix is a company that acts as your very own personal stylist. You fill out their style profile detailing the types of things you love AND hate to wear then create a Pinterest board (optional, but I highly recommend) to pin images to that will help guide your stylist when they create your Stitch Fix box. For only $20 your stylist will curate a box of 5 items- shoes, dresses, tops, jeans, accessories, handbags, whatever you prefer- that they think you will love and before you know it your Stitch Fix will arrive at your door step!

Your $20 styling fee can be used towards any items you decide to purchase from your Fix. If you love them and decide to purchase all 5 then you’ll get a steep 25% discount! Say whaaat?! You can read about why Stitch Fix doesn’t suck in this post or see what items I received in my very first Stitch Fix here

thredUP– I have been in love with thredUP for years! Waaay before I started blogging. I’ve shared the perks with my friends time and time again so it only made sense to share it with my readers, too. I love thredUP because we live on a very tight budget month to month. When I use thredUP I can buy quality, name brand clothing at up to 90% off retail. The clothes they sell are durable making them perfect for curating a capsule wardrobe especially if you want to create a capsule wardrobe for kids. Use this link and you’ll receive $10 to use on (it even goes towards shipping fees if your items’ total cost is under $10! Love that!).

ConvertKit– ConvertKit hosts a landing page for all of my opt-in freebies that my readers love so much. I would be committing a lot more time to sending out emails, keeping straight of what I’ve already sent or what I haven’t and I wouldn’t have a clue if my subscribers opened the email, read it or clicked any links inside. I know because I didn’t use ConvertKit for my first 6 weeks of blogging and sending out eCourse lessons and newsletters stole SO MUCH of my time each day. Switching was a huge time saver for me and I feel like it makes my blog look more professional because it provides beautiful forms and landing pages for my opt-in freebies. is a network of affiliates that bloggers can use to generate income from their blogs. I’m still figuring out which affiliate may pair up best with MamaBear Martin: Minimalism + Motherhood. And since I will never recommend a product that I don’t believe in 100%, deciding on any affiliates which meet my standards may take a little while, but they will be worthy of my recommendation.

BlueHost– I signed on for BlueHost to host my domain because of the price (a FREE domain name + only 3.95/month that’s the cost of a drive-thru coffee!), reputation, and ease of use. I appreciate BlueHost’s customer service. When I had an issue on a Saturday night I was able to contact a customer service rep from my cell phone’s browser to text chat while at my very rural farm. The rep I worked with went above and beyond to help correct the issues my blog was experiencing. If you’re wanting to start a blog, start off on the right foot with BlueHost.

Read more about my blogging journey and past monthly income reports:

My First Month Blogging- How I Went From Zero To 6,754 Pageviews In 30 Days

My Second Month Blogging- How I Tripled My Email List In 30 Days

Next Month’s Goals

Stay tuned for my next monthly income report on My Fourth Month Blogging. I am feeling like my health has improved and stabilized and I intend to meet some BIG GOALS next month!!

  • Next month my number one goal is to continue working on SEO (search engine optimization). I changed the way I was doing things this month and I’m already beginning to notice a change in the amount of organic traffic my blog has been receiving.
  • I also still really want to take a popular affiliate marketing course for bloggers once I save up the cash. I feel like this will have a big impact on the monthly income generated by my blog.
  • I want to unlock the big secret to getting more traffic from Pinterest and increase the number of re-pins on my blog articles.
  • I may test out trying to generate monthly income from other social media outlets like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • In my fourth month blogging I want to take building relationships with my fellow bloggers more seriously. I have been telling myself how important this is since day one, but a little voice in my head tells me I’m wasting time when I’m scrolling through Facebook blog groups being somewhat idle. That’s not the case though. I just need to prioritize so that I don’t get distracted.

That’s it! All the statistics, dollar signs and secrets that went into my third month of blogging. Despite being sick, I call this month a success!

Do you want to start a blog? Are you a blogger? Let’s talk! Leave me a comment below!!

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  1. Deleting old Pinterest boards can be awful but if they don’t match your ideal audience it’s good to get rid of them. I started 2016 with about 1,100 but saw a dip after I deleted some old boards. In the last year or so on my The Happy Arkansan Pinterest account I have gone from that number to 7,000+ so I don’t regret having that dip in my follower count. Good luck with all the awesome things happening on your blog.

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    1. Hi, Hong!
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  3. This is awesome! Your post is really relatable and so are your metrics. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I read posts like these because bloggers seem to wake up and have so many followers on Pinterest and other platforms. But you’re showing it all in the early stages and I admire that. It’s very inspiring so thank you for sharing!!! Hopefully my little blog can get up to where yours is now!

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