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Are you looking for unique, Minimalist decor for your home? Look no further! Today I’m sharing a unique, personalized product to decorate your walls in a special way. I received my sample for free from Modern Map Art  in exchange for this review.

Unique Minimalist Decor for your Home |

Minimalist Decor

As Minimalists, many would assume that we don’t like to collect things, but that simply isn’t true. I know a large number of Minimalists who love collecting plants to display in their homes, several others who love a nice rug in each room, and I haven’t met more than a handful of Minimalists yet who weren’t crazy about finding the perfect wall art to accentuate their room.

When it comes to Minimalist decor we can be picky. Maybe that’s why others think we don’t like home decor? I’ve found that most Minimalists actually really love decorating. We’re just slow to jump in when it comes to buying products of any kind- especially home decor. We want items surrounding us inside our homes that speak to our souls each time we look upon them.

Minimalist Wall Art: Personalized Star Map

When I came across Modern Map Art I was intrigued. There’s just something romantic and otherworldly about stars and constellations. Space is the great unknown, and that makes it intriguing.

Plus- this company allows you to personalize your poster print out with any GPS location, date, and specific quote or title for your poster. You can even choose to have the constellations displayed on your poster. I chose to personalize ours with our wedding date, but I think these star map wall art posters would also be fantastic nursery decor in your Minimalist nursery rooms.

Minimalist Decor Wall Art Personalized Star Map |

Click here to get your own personalized star map for your Minimalist home!

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Minimalist Decor Personalized Star Map Wall Art |


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