So you’ve heard about this crazy diet that actually encourages you to eat a ton of fat, but somehow people are getting super skinny on it, right? I mean- I’ve already lost 15 pounds in just 3 weeks!!! (Full disclosure: I’m a terrible dieter. The simple fact that I’ve stuck to this diet for 3 weeks is a huge win in and of itself, y’all, and speaks to how easy it is to do.) The Keto Diet seems to counter everything we learned about food growing up. I mean, I thought fats were supposed to be that tiny little triangle at the very top of the food pyramid not the huge base at the bottom?!! I’ll explain. I promised y’all when I started the Keto Diet that I’d update you as I learned more about it so today we’re going to discuss the best Keto Meal Plan. 

And just so y’all know how much I love you, you beautiful readers, you! I’m writing this post from inside a Panera Bread and I can’t eat ANY of it. You’re welcome. <3

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The Keto Diet is easy, y’all. Really. The most difficult part is just getting past the thought that fat is bad for you, then making a new habit of changing the way you’re currently eating. The foods taste great, you’ll feel full all day, and you’ll have seriously super mama energy (like- whoa).

Finding the right Ketogenic Diet meal plan may take a little trial and error at first as you see what fits into your personal schedule. Maybe you like meal prepping for the week on Sunday afternoon, or maybe you’re like me and just eat similar meals every day with no qualms about it. Whatever you choose, getting into a good Keto meal plan rhythm will definitely add to your success as long as you’re following the Keto Diet.

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I’m not a nutritionist– nor do I pretend to be one online 😉 – but I do enjoy reading about nutrition as a hobby. That’s one of the reasons I’ve really been enjoying writing these Keto Diet posts for you all. Since I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian I’m going to start by simply sharing with you what I eat on a normal day. I’m a busy mama of two toddlers so that plays a big part into how I structure my eating and what I choose to be part of my Keto meal plan.


As part of my Keto Meal Plan I do what some people call intermittent fasting. I didn’t set out to incorporate fasting into my Keto Diet routine… it just sorta happened that way, y’all. I just wait to eat until I’m actually hungry. It doesn’t feel like deprivation or starving. The way I do it I just follow my body’s cues to know when to eat.

Most days this means I don’t eat for around 14 hours from the time after dinner until breakfast the next day. It’s really that simple. They call it “break-fast” for a reason. You’re breaking your fast with the first meal of the day.

I “break fast” with bulletproof coffee each morning. I’ve known about bulletproof coffee for a while now, but just started drinking it regularly with my breakfasts. I love love love Kerrygold Unsalted Butter from grass-fed cows and Organic Coconut Oil in my version of bulletproof coffee. Yum-o!!

As I mentioned in this blog post about finding your Keto Macros, I used to follow the Weston A. Price diet and bulletproof coffee is a part of that diet protocol as well. To be perfectly honest, drinking it gives me more energy than I can handle! I am ready to conquer cleaning the entire house after one cup of this glorious nectar from heaven.

I start almost every single day eating a whole avocado. It’s a simple way to get a heavy dose of fats first thing in the morning, plus have you eaten an avocado? They’re freakin’ delicious. Who wouldn’t want to eat one of those every single day for breakfast??? I cut mine into slices and add salt, garlic powder and lemon juice.

I grab a handful of blackberries or red raspberries to go with my avocados. The sweetness of the berries makes a nice partner to the savory flavor of the avocado. If I feel feisty I may even cook a couple of fried eggs in butter or bacon to go with it all.

My Hubby is very anti-goat food products. I don’t get it. I love goat cheese like a lot, and I can drink goat’s milk without gagging. Is he weird, or am I? Wait- don’t answer that. 🙂

Anyway- the point being- he asked me to purchase goat milk based protein powder for him after he heard about it on a healthy eating podcast. It stopped me straight in my tracks, y’all. I had to ask him twice if he really said GOAT. He did.

Apparently, our bodies can use goat milk protein much more efficiently than cow’s milk protein. Our family eats cow’s milk products in extreme moderation anyway so it really just made sense to try the goat milk protein powder called Naked Goat. Check it out on Amazon here. It smells like birthday cake, and only has 3 ingredients so it fits in quite nicely into a Keto Meal Plan. I usually make it with water, but it tastes great with unsweetened, vanilla almond milk, too!

Previously, I had been using an organic, vegan protein powder from Amazing Grass who also makes an incredible Super Greens powder with probiotics. We don’t use any other supplements, but as you can probably tell I prefer to drink my calories. haha

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Read more about Keto Test Strips in this blog article. 


As part of my Keto Meal Plan, I’m following my body’s cues and eating breakfast much later in the morning. I also wait to eat anything else until I actually feel hungry. This means many days I don’t eat a formal meal for lunch at all. I usually snack on a handful of roasted almonds, shelled pistachios, sardines in heavy olive oil, Keto-friendly, sugarless beef jerky, pork rinds, or a couple spoonfuls of natural, organic peanut butter.

I’m not suggesting you do what I do, but I am suggesting that you listen to your body and don’t feel like you have to eat just because you’re supposed to at certain times of day. Do what your body wants. 


Keeping your body’s electrolytes in balance is of utmost importance when you’re deciding on your Keto Meal Plan. If you don’t, you risk getting the Keto Flu, or just feeling really yucky instead of like Super Mama. I drink half a bottle of Kombucha each day to get probiotics into my diet and keep my electrolytes in check. Half the bottle is one serving and only has 6 carbs. Kombucha is very fizzy like a soda so it feels like a treat when I drink one.

GT’S Organic Raw Kombucha Gingerade is my favorite brand of Kombucha. All their flavors are great and you can find them in the produce section at Wad-Mart. The flavor is great and the ingredients are simple. I made the mistake of trying a new brand today as I’m writing this post (Kevita), and it tastes absolutely disgusting. Plus it has way too many ingredients to be allowed to call itself true Kombucha. Yuck! Hard lesson learned!


I’ll warn you now- I go really heavy on dinner. I have to cook a large meal for my Husband and the rest of our family no matter what so I might as well save the majority of my Macros until dinnertime and enjoy a family meal together.

Dinner at our house is a protein like grass-fed beef hamburger steaks, beef roast cooked to perfection on low all day in the Crock-Pot, or a seafood like naturally fatty salmon fillets or shrimp in melted butter from grass-fed cows.

Roasted vegetables is the easiest side to go with any dinner. I chop a variety of vegetables, throw them on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet then roast at 425 degrees Fahrenheit until they are fork tender. I top ours with real olive oil, salt and pepper, and whatever seasoning sounds best that day. Organic curry powder is super yum especially paired with salmon on the menu!

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Keto meal plan for beginners easy with free printable ketogenic diet food list 2

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I hear over and over that the most difficult part of getting started on the Ketogenic Diet is finding the right Keto Diet meal plan that fits your daily lifestyle. I’m not a food blogger so to try to take the hard part out creating your Ketogenic Diet meal plan spending hours searching and searching online I’ll link to some of my favorite Keto Diet recipes and meals. Follow me on Pinterest to see when I find some new, tasty Keto recipe! Search over! 🙂

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Lemon Butter Chicken

Are you a Ketogenic Diet beginner, too? Comment below and let’s connect!

What’s on your Keto Meal Plan?



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