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If you're a bird, I'm a bird. Noah The Notebook Quotes |

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The movie The Notebook has been on my mind somewhat lately. I think because in this crazy mixed up world we Millennials (or borderline Millennials– ahem) use media as our examples for truth, love, and how we should admirably live our lives. We test out humanisms online to see if what we say and think resonates with any other soul out there listening before we are ever put into a situation to interact in the real world.

One line from The Notebook has always jumped out at me, and probably you as well as it is one of the most quoted lines in history. It is when Noah says to Allie,

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

In and of itself, and in the moment when it is spoken, it’s a beautiful phrase full of wisdom and love, but the more I marinate on it over this past week the more I am growing to dislike it.

On the one hand, it speaks to my heart in the sense of finding a kindred spirit. I think it always will speak to me in that way, but the longing in my heart to feel the way this quote makes me feel about someone has subsided. Kindred spirits are once in a lifetime relationships, but they rarely last. You see- if I am a bird I do not want another bird.

If I am a bird, I want my lover to be a sturdy Southern Oak in which I can build my nest.

If I am a bird, I want him to be a wide open meadow in which I can soar freely. One that grows wild flowers that entice me to swoop Earthward towards to examine them in better detail, and snatch any morsels that they attract. I want him to be a meadow that allures wild beasts, if only for my entertainment.

If I am a bird, I want a man who is my winter respite- a weathered old barn with a leaky roof that shelters me from the cold winds and snow.

If I am a bird, I want him to be the land my soul longs for so earnestly that I migrate thousands of miles to enjoy him, if only for a season.

To Be A Bird…

A bird so wild and free needs a constant in her life. She needs a safe place she knows she can call home. A place with unmoving roots and an unswaying trunk. A place with branches decorated in leaves that speckle the sunlight across her face like merry laughter.

A bird is not meant to live out its days inside a beautiful cage. A bird is a creature designed to navigate great heights with unparalleled agility. A bird needs a place where she can set herself free and test her limits flying skyward, but also where she can find nourishment. She needs a home that is unwavering when danger creeps close because it knows the bird is fully capable of saving herself when fear draws near.

A bird so wild and free in the spring and summer months will quickly come to realize when the winds change and the cool breezes of fall begin to blow in that she is no longer safe here. She will need a place that will shelter her for a season and then ungrudgingly release her again when the seasons change- and the seasons will ever change like clockwork on a vintage timepiece. Her home does not have to be perfect, but it must stand up around her when she is weakened by the cold.

A bird is born with an instinct in her heart to search and find a dreamlike space where sunshine rains down a glowing aura of surreality making one feel as if they have found heaven on Earth. A true paradise where one can come and go as she pleases, but also provides all that she needs to sustain herself.

So you see-

If I am a bird. I do not want another bird who may weigh down my wings and make me fall. I do not want another bird who may sentence me to life sitting on a nest while he roams freely. I do not want another bird who may convince me that life inside a cage is true freedom because the door will lock at the end of the day and keep us safe. I do not want another bird because another bird may lead me to believe that my paradise does not exist, and I may never live to see it, or worse, may grow to believe that he is right.

If I am a bird, I want to fly.

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