If there’s one thing I know about Minimalists it’s that they looove their books. Are you a bookworm, too? No matter how deep the Minimalists I know get into decluttering their junk, they struggle to downsize their book collections. Rightfully so.

Life changing advice from a blogger who specializes in helping mamas with decluttering tips for their homes. In this article she shares how to purge books even when you're a book worm! Plus which e-Reader to use to replace your book collection. | www.mamabearmartin.com
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Books are more than just “junk” like we’re usually decluttering. Books add value to our lives in so many ways. To make the decision to declutter books even more frustrating, books aren’t your usual clutter either. Your usual clutter is the stuff you find hanging out on your kitchen countertops day in and day out waiting for a place to be assigned to live.

Bookshelves house our books keeping them neatly organized so there’s no struggle to wonder how we should store them. Books are timeless. We can leave them sitting on a shelf for ages and when we come back they can still transport us in time and space to wherever we wish to go. Books don’t grow stale or have an expiration date. So why would anyone decide to declutter books in the first place???

Reasons To Declutter Books

Your Cup Runneth Over

For book lovers like me and you it can be easy to amass a book collection that spills off of our shelves in a matter of no time. Maybe you buy a second bookshelf, but before you know it that bookshelf is full, too! Buying yet another book shelf seems insane. You have to do something though or your book collection is going to take over your home!

You Don’t Use Them

I know several individuals who don’t ever use their traditional paper books, but they enjoy the look of all of them just sitting hanging out on their bookshelves. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you have the space and they’re organized neatly, but personally I’d enjoy my books more knowing someone was getting to actually use them.

What Can You Do Instead Of Buying Books

I’m a book nerd. I’ve enjoyed reading my entire life. I was reading before I ever went into kindergarten and although my tastes have changed over the years I still love to read every day. Needless to say, I wouldn’t enjoy a life without reading. I especially want my children to be exposed to literature and physical books. How can we do that on a budget and without amassing a book collection beyond our limits?

How to declutter books and which e-Readers to buy instead. www.MamaBearMartin.com


My first instinct when I see a book I think we might enjoy has always been to just purchase the book first and ask questions later. I mean- it’s a book, right? You can’t go wrong. They’re educational!

Well, that was until our book collection took over my daughter’s closet. My two toddlers LOVE their books so it’s an area of our home that is in constant disarray. Not a terrible thing because that means they’re using and enjoying their books, but the downside is that too often they can’t find the particular title they’re searching for and end up feeling frustrated.

I’ve come to realize lately that our local library can give us access to more books than we ever could afford to purchase on our own, make room for in our small home, or even imagine reading. The library does all the hard work of housing the collection and keeping it neatly organized while you reap the all the benefits books have to offer. If you find yourself or your child wanting to borrow the same book at each library visit then it may be time to invest in that particular title and keep a copy in your home. Our library offers other resources to cardholders like homeschool supplies available to check out just like books, access to computers and tablets with learning apps, as well as a weekly read aloud class for preschoolers and a craft activity.

How to declutter books and which e-Readers to buy instead. www.MamaBearMartin.com


By now, we all know about e-Readers like Amazon’s Kindle. In the past, the biggest con about e-Readers to me is that I’m old-school. I enjoy running my finger across the spines of my books when I’m choosing which one I want to pull from the shelf to read. I love the feeling of a traditional paper book in my hands while I’m reading. I like the feel of turning the pages by hand and the smell of the paper when I first crack open a book. I didn’t want to give that up, but since becoming a mama the convenience of e-Readers outweighs my old school bibliophilia.

E-readers house our libraries virtually and give us access to unlimited stories and resources for reading. You can even find my favorite decluttering books on Minimalism there! We’re going on a very special vacation in a couple weeks and I can bring my entire library along with me for me and the kiddos without having to worry I’ll forget a favorite or not have what I want when the mood strikes. I also love that when I’ve read a book and I just have to have someone to discuss it with, Kindle lets me lend an electronic copy to my friend just like I could lend a physical paper book to a friend.

Since their inception e-Readers have come a long way. The new models are created to have no glare which is a huge turn off when I’ve tried reading on tablet devices. The e-Reader battery lasts for weeks from just a single charge and Prime members read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles. Just one more reason I love our Amazon Prime membership! (Psst- use my affiliate link to get a 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime!)

Here are a few drool-worthy e-Readers to consider while you’re downsizing your book collection.

How to declutter when you have WAY too many books! Plus- which e-readers to buy instead and why. www.MamaBearMartin.com


Audible. Audible holds a special place in my Minimalist heart. Audible is a great way to sneak in some reading during times when you otherwise have to be doing something else. Lay by the pool this summer while the kids play and enjoy reading with your eyes closed when you listen to your favorites books on Audible. During my 5 years in college, I listened to a lot of audio books during my 2 hour round trip commute each day. I can imagine that when my littles are in school, Audible would be a great resource for listening to audiobooks while in the car rider pick-up line. Click here to try Audible free for 30 days! 


Not ready to declutter your books yet, but want to make a difference in the way of organizing and decluttering your home? Click here for an amazing deal on a collection of decluttering resources at a steal of a price or enroll in my free email course on decluttering, Decluttering With Kids, by clicking this link! Happy cleaning!

What are your favorite non-traditional ways to read and store your books? Let me know in the comments!

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Life changing advice from a blogger who specializes in helping mamas with decluttering tips for their homes. In this article she shares how to purge books even when you're a book worm! Plus which e-Reader to use to replace your book collection. | www.mamabearmartin.com


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