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Hello, lovlies! It’s time to share my February 2018 Stitch Fix review with you. Only… this month something weird happened. I got home, saw my Stitch Fix box sitting on my front porch (Eee! I swear it’s like Christmas every time!), rushed inside to open it only to find that something wasn’t quite right. Stitch Fix made a mistake!!

When I opened my Fix, I realized immediately that the items inside were not the items that I saw when I “peeked” at my Fix online. I looked at my style cards thinking maybe they accidentally sent me a different Fix than what I saw on my account. Nope- the cards matched my account. The clothes, however, didn’t.

I tore into my Fix burrito and laid eyes upon the BEST Fix I’ve had in a long time. The craziest part? They were all MY SIZE!!! The items reminded me of the things my very first personal stylist would send my way. I miss her. She was really starting to “get me” when I had to take a break from Stitch Fix for budget reasons.

I contacted Stitch Fix customer support using the form on their website. (You could also email them at if you’re having an issue.) Jade got in contact with me only a few hours after I sent in the form. She was the best! She was quick to contact me and resolved my issues without missing a beat.

I told her that I was sent the wrong clothing items, but that I loved them and wanted to buy them. I gave her a list of the items I had received and she not only updated my account on Stitch Fix’s website to have the new items, but she also gave me a $20 credit to compensate me for their mistake. Stitch Fix customer support is unrivaled, y’all. Do you know of any other company that would GIVE YOU $20 when you tell them you’re happy with a mistake they made?


You sure don’t.

Stitch Fix kicks ass. <3

Ready to see what I got sent by mistake (and loved!) in my February 2018 Stitch Fix? Here we go!

February 2018 Stitch Fix Review: Stitch Fix Messed Up! (& Why I Loved It!) |

This was the Fix I was supposed to receive, but didn’t. I really liked the distressed jeans and would have purchased those, but I wasn’t too sad about missing out on the other items.Stitch Fix Style Cards | Stitch Fix February 2018 Reviews |

MPG Sport Rose Knit Sleeve Athleisure Jacket

This was love at first sight! The moment I pulled this piece from the burrito and laid this jacket open I was hooked. I convinced myself that it must be entirely out of my budget because I loved it so much. As it turned out it was only $88 which I’m willing to pay for a staple jacket that I’ll use almost every day.

love that this jacket is warm, but very light weight at the same time. I appreciate that it has a hood because we have a cattle ranch and a hood is really a must. Even if you don’t use it on your head it keeps the back of your neck nice and toasty.

My favorite part of this jacket is that it has 2 different materials seamlessly combined in one monochromatic piece. The sweater sleeves are perfect for someone like me with longer arms because it allows for stretch so the sleeves don’t ride up on me. The sweater material in the side seam allows freedom of movement which is nice because oftentimes I find jackets a little claustrophobic when I have them zipped up.

Maybe the best feature is that this jacket is longer in the back than it is in the front. I’m always cold on my lower back and many jackets ride up on my long torso. Winner winner chicken dinner. Whoever designed this piece is a practical thinker without sacrificing style.

Size: Small Even with the weight I’ve gained this fit nicely in small. It has lots of stretch.

Price: $88

Verdict: Kept Duh. 🙂

Stitch Fix February 2018 Review | MPG Sport Rose Knit Sleeve Athleisure Jacket Black |

Stitch Fix February 2018 Review | MPG Sport Rose Knit Sleeve Athleisure Jacket Black |


Papermoon Kaplin Side Slit Detail Knit Top


Octavia Leah Paisley Print Scarf Purple

It was really interesting to go into this Fix having no price sheet. I couldn’t cheat and peek at the cost before looking at the items. This blue Papermoon top was an absolute winner. There is nothing softer than this. It was the perfect shade of blue to bring out the blue tones in my eye color, too. The side slits are a nice feature, but they were also a bit extreme. I don’t mind them, but I don’t love how long the slits are either.

Size: Small Very stretchy, but also shows any bumps. A bit unforgiving.

Price: $48

Verdict: Returned

The Octavia Paisley Scarf was nice. I can honestly say that I don’t like scarves. I like them on other people, but I just don’t like the way they feel when I wear them. This scarf was different though. It has the perfect amount of “fluff” so that it lays nicely without making me feel choked. I know myself well enough to know that I’m just not a scarf girl no matter how hard I try so this one went back to Stitch Fix.

Size: One Size.

Price: $28

Verdict: Returned

Papermoon Kaplin Side Slit Detail Knit Top Blue | February 2018 Stitch Fix Reviews |

Market & Spruce Hans Crochet Front Top

Love. This top is 100% my style. Plus- it’s black! I love items that can go both ways because I enjoy keeping a small, meticulously curated wardrobe. This top wears like a T-shirt (aka super comfortable!), but has lace detail on the front and the sleeves that allows it to transition to a more formal event without haste. The zipper detail on the back finishes it off beautifully. I really wanted to buy it, but with a new Fix being styled for me because of this Oops Fix I didn’t want to overspend this month in case I loved the new items picked just for me. 🙂

Size: Small

Price: $58

Verdict: Returned

February 2018 Stitch Fix Review | Market & Spruce Hans Crochet Front Top |

I also received the Makers Estee Skinny Jean in Indigo, but they were too small to try on. I’ve gained some weight that’s hung around so I’ve changed my sizes for my next Fix! The cut of them looked perfect and they didn’t even have a button OR a zipper! Can I get an amen from the mama crowd?!

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Which piece was your favorite in my “Oops Fix?”

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February 2018 Stitch Fix Review | Market & Spruce Hans Crochet Front Top |

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