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New moms can feel overwhelmed and overworked, and- let’s face it- utterly confused when it comes to the learning curve that comes with new parenthood. Self-care for new moms is a topic that is being written about over and over and over these days. You know why though? Because it’s SO TRUE. You really have to go into parenting a newborn with the knowledge that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Some days you will not have the energy to do more than hold your newborn on the couch and just snuggle. That’s 100% okay, mama (and I’m envious, tbh). On those days, you’ll be so grateful that you know which essential oil diffuser to have on hand and which diffuser recipes to use for uplifting your spirits. You’re welcome!

Read the best diffuser recipes for decluttering your home in this post.

Essential oil blends for new moms using Young Living essential oils. Use these diffuser recipes with your baby or newborn in tow to support sleep, boost energy, calm anxiety feelings, increase libido and sexuality around your spouse, and more! These diffuser blends are better than coffee! |

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

First things first, if you’re going to start using essential oils to harness all of their incredible benefits then you’re going to need an amazing, affordable essential oil diffuser. I think the best diffuser is one that’s affordable and easy to shop for. That’s why when VicTsing contacted me and offered to send me a free diffuser from their Amazon store to try and review I was all about that!

As a Minimalist, I love shopping on Amazon when I need something because I can log in, purchase the one item without being too distracted by sales or other products’ great marketing, click purchase, and log out. Lurvvv it! I get what I need, and it ships so fast.

Here are the 3 best diffusers on Amazon:

VicTsing 300ml Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

I love the diffusers that VicTsing offers because at the time of posting this, you could choose any one of these models for less than $40! That’s a steal, y’all. I love the design of this essential oil diffuser. I actually own two already! (Not so Minimalist, maybe?) I love the wood grain diffuser because it doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard to be cool. It just is.

VicTsing 400ml Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

The 400mL diffuser offered by VicTsing is a great middle-of-the-road diffuser when it comes to choosing a size. It will last most of the day or night, but you won’t have to worry about leftover oil solution to use up the next day when you’re ready to switch to a different combination of oils. Pro Tip: If you own a larger size diffuser, but only want to run your diffuser for a few hours that day just don’t fill it to the maximum water line! Try filling your diffuser halfway and see how long it runs. Before long, you’ll know exactly how much water to use for the oil combo you’re wanting to use that day. 🙂

VicTsing 500ml Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

The 500mL size diffuser is the best essential oil diffuser for setting it and forgetting it. You can put your blend of oils inside in the morning, turn it on, and it will last all day long. Plus- you have to love the simple, Minimalist design and color scheme. This essential oil diffuser looks like a flower about to bloom. The wood grain texture just adds to that natural feeling aesthetic.

Find more info on the essential oil products offered from VicTsing by visiting their website here.

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes for New Moms

Down to the meat of what today’s post is all about- diffuser recipes for new moms! Below you will find a graphic I’ve created for you to reference when you need a quick diffuser blend.

These recipes are intended to be essential oils blends that I hope you will find uplifting, calming, or invigorating. They are not intended to treat any type of disease. Please speak to your doctor about those matters as I am, of course, not a doctor.

Enjoy and pin this post for later, mama! You’re gonna want to see it again. Promise.

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