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MamaBear Martin Minimalism + Motherhood

Minimalism + Motherhood

I began my Minimalist journey in the fall of 2016 after tiptoeing around the concept for years. My soul had been nudging me in the direction of a more simple, focused life and one fateful late night scrolling through my Pinterest feed I stumbled upon Minimalism from a mother’s perspective.

I stayed up late that night devouring anything close to the topic of Minimalism with kids, or Minimalist families. I have to be honest, the pickings were slim. I felt like I had to fill in the blanks for myself. Unadulterated Minimalism sounds nice at first blush, but realistically I have two young kids that do a lot to fill our space with clutter, rob my time, and steal my attention with sweet distractions.

I struggled to find information from Minimalist mothers who had answers to the hard questions in mothering from a Minimalist perspective. I created this website because I want to share my struggles and triumphs with you as I combine Minimalism + Motherhood from an eco-friendly, “crunchy” mama perspective, and I hope that you’ll find value, too, in what I share here. 🙂

My Minimalist Beginning

In my free decluttering email course I share a story about my shocking awareness of my own clutter. When my husband and I purchased and moved into our first home we collectively had so much clothing that we broke the closet. Seriously. The broken pieces and heavy clothing fell on me (6 months pregnant) and fortunately didn’t cause any injury. That moment was a wake up call for me. I had clothes hanging in our closet, in our full chest of drawers where the drawers barely closed, in our dresser, and even in the coat closet down the hall. I had to store half my shoes under our bed because there was no more room anywhere else!

Something had to give, and in that moment it was an overburdened closet system.

That moment in 2013 started a snowball rolling down a hill and by fall of 2016 that snowball had gathered enough momentum behind it to propel me forward into a very intentionally Minimalist lifestyle.

What Is Minimalism?

I imagine Minimalism is a little different for everyone, but I can tell you what Minimalism is not:

  • Minimalism is not the number of items in your home
  • Minimalism is not exclusively an aesthetic style
  • Minimalism is not a game
  • Minimalism is not unattainable (I’m looking at YOU busy mama!)

I’d say Minimalism is about intention. It’s easy to allow ourselves to be sucked inside some alternate world be it social media, video gaming, shopping….

Whatever you choose to do, be intentional about doing it. Minimize what gets in the way. Be present. Don’t consent to the status quo. Discover your passions. Fuel your deepest desires. Power down the screen in front of you and go live your life. <3

Use my decluttering guide to get your Minimalist journey started.

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That’s Minimalism for me.

Welcome to the journey.

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