5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Make Your Home Appear Cleaner (WITHOUT Actually Cleaning!)

As Moms we find ourselves cleaning day in and day out only to look around our homes and see the same ol’ same ol’ messes. The kiddos are into your makeup stash again, the laundry and dishes are piling up and you can’t seem to make a dent in the dirt across your floors. You sit down at the end of the day wanting to rest, but are left wondering, “Why is my home never clean when I’m working so hard at this? How much do housekeeping services cost???”

Housekeeping Services? Nahhh.

Don’t rush out and invest in housekeeping services justtt yet, Mama! Here are five things you can do RIGHT NOW to make your home appear cleaner without having to actually do any cleaning!

5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Make Your Home Appear Cleaner (Without Actually Cleaning Anything!) Clean house tips | Clean house in one day | EASY CLEANING TIPS | Housekeeping services | www.MamaBearMartin.com

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1. Touch Up Paint

Okay- so maybe you can’t do this one right this second, but you could pick up a few supplies while you’re out grocery shopping and do a bit of touch up here and there during naptimes. These are wonderful for small projects like this!

It may sound like more work than it’s worth, but I share this tip first because it really will make a HUGE difference! That spot where your kiddo ran their ride in car into the wall and left a plastic scuff mark won’t taunt you ever again! Plus- repainting all of your trim a bright white will make your home glow with cleanliness!


2. Remove Your Refrigerator Magnets

A study from UCLA showed that the more refrigerator magnets a person has on their fridge, the more cluttered they say their home feels. This was shown to affect women most of all. Grab your magnet collection off of your fridge, toss them all in one of these and store them on top of the fridge or in a handy cabinet for one week. I guarantee you’ll feel like your home is cleaner.

Sound silly? Give it a go and find out for yourself.


3. What’s That Smell?

You may not notice it unless you’ve spent the day away from home, but every person’s home has its own unique “odors” we will nicely call them. If you’d like to freshen your home up in no time flat I recommend you open up your windows on a beautiful day to let some fresh air and sunshine indoors. After an hour or two, close them back and lock them before turning on a wax warmer or lighting a fresh scented candle. My favorite smells are this and this. They smell clean without smelling perfumey and they’re perfect for combating bathroom and kitchen smells.


4. Non-Cleaning Pro Tip

I’ve been training my kids from day one to always turn off the lights when they leave a room, but did you know that by shutting the doors when you’re finished in a room it will eliminate some of the visual clutter that your mind naturally takes in from moment to moment? Looking at a collection of crisp, white doors is much more mellow to your brain than glancing down your hallway and seeing kids toys, dirty laundry and mismatched shoes peering back at you and reminding you that you haven’t cleaned up yet.

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5. Pictures on Your Walls


This tip may even be a lot of fun for you if you enjoy decorating. Spend a few hours one day and go through your entire house removing all of your wall art, if you can do so without damaging your walls. Stack things neatly inside your closet or prop them up against a wall in a safe space away from the children. Leave everything off the walls for one week.

Leaving the items off the walls for so long will give your mind time to truly consider what would look the best, where to place it and how much of it will go back up. You may even discover a few free printables on Pinterest that you love and want to replace some of your older wall art with instead. Or you might find that you want to freshen up your living room with a new frame in a crisp, clean color like this one. Those frames are my very very favorite. They look great with everything! I used them in my oldest child’s nursery and they have stood the test of time and my inability to commit. haha


Isn’t it nice to actually feel the repercussions of your hard work for once? Housekeeping services can’t give you that! Enjoy that fresh, clean, I-didn’t-have-to-actually-clean-a-dang-thang feeling, Mama. Your secret is safe with me! 😉

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What do you do when your home needs a freshening boost? Share your best non-cleaning tip in the comments below! 🙂

Happy homemaking!

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5 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Make Your Home Appear Cleaner (Without Actually Cleaning Anything!) Clean house tips | Clean house in one day | EASY CLEANING TIPS | Housekeeping services | www.MamaBearMartin.com

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