30 Day Decluttering Challenge: Nesting Like A Minimalist

Have you been busy scrubbing the inside of your pantry or washing the walls of your garden shed? If you answered yes then you’re probably pregnant… or a much better housekeeper than I am! haha

You don’t want to waste all of your incredible pregnancy nesting energy on something like vacuuming out dresser drawers. If you’re anything like me, pregnancy is the only time you think of carrying out such odd jobs. It may be worthwhile to do these jobs since you may not ever consider them again, but you don’t want every day to be filled with tidying things that don’t amount to much help after baby arrives. The postpartum version of you will be mad when she realizes what went down! So put away your magic eraser- I know you’ve been using it since we last spoke– and listen up!

30 Day Decluttering Challenge- Nesting Like A Minimalist PREPARING FOR BABY

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In this post of my Preparing for Baby the Minimalist Way series, I want to help you focus that incredible- albeit rare at times- pregnancy energy on decluttering and organizing your home before baby arrives. This article will list the decluttering jobs that will benefit you most during postpartum life with a newborn baby and make it easy for you to check those tasks off your to-do list. I’ll even throw in a 30 Day Decluttering Challenge checklist for FREE!

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The Pregnancy Struggle Is Real.

Doing one task each day will help you complete the 30 decluttering challenges quickly, but don’t feel like you have to do one challenge every day in order to reach your goal. I was pregnant not too long ago and some days you just have to nap it out. You are creating a tiny human after all!

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What’s been the hardest part of preparing for baby?

Share your ideas with me in the comments below!

If you’re looking for the next post in the Preparing for Baby the Minimalist Way series, you can find it here. It’s all about the most important newborn essentials you will want to have on hand from day one with your new baby!

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  1. Where is the actual article, or is it just a ploy to sign up for the email subscription, and the check list?

    1. Hi, Rebecca! There’s no ploy. I just don’t give away my BEST tips to the public. If you want to read the list, but don’t enjoy receiving freebies related to decluttering, homemaking, and parenting in your inbox then just hit “unsubscribe.” No hard feelings. I hope these tips help guide your decluttering. <3

    1. Hi, Meredith! Check your Spam or Promotions folder. Sometimes emails get sent there by mistake. If it’s not there, contact me at MamaBearMartinBlog (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll hook you up! 🙂

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